A case for an iPad app or web-based login?


  • This is an iPhone 5S with the Monzo app.
  • It is impossible to log in

The home button, with incorporated Touch ID has failed. It’s not possible to replace just the home button due to the way Touch ID security works.

Consequently, I’m locked out of the Monzo account. I can not upgrade that account from Prepaid to current account. I can’t access that prepaid account in any way as far as I can see.

The app on the phone is a single point of failure. I’m not sure I want to put all of my personal banking into an app on a phone that could be lost / stolen or experience a hardware failure that prevents me accessing my account.

Time for a web-based way of managing the account, perhaps?


Whilst I take your general point, in this instance can’t you delete the app and reinstall it to disable Touch ID?

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Delete the app and reinstall to remove security in order to access my bank account?

No thanks. I’ll use a legacy bank that allows me to access quickly and easily from another device.

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It does definitely need a second form of access and a web interface is on the cards. My suggestion was intended to solve your immediate conundrum rather than be an excuse for not having another interface.


Understood, Nick, thank you. :+1:

Can’t you press Cancel, and then choose Log In for a new magic email link?

Edit: I’ve just tried the method I described, and you’re logged back in with Touch ID disabled.


I like that Monzo are focusing on the mobile based banking side of things. I would like to see an iPad and web-based app but I’m not pinning my hopes on Monzo providing it. I’m hoping the proper release of the API will give rise to a plethora of apps for various platforms.


Thank you. It’s not intuitive so is an issue. The value of this community, though. Help. Right there!

Thank you. Will try that.


As Nick said a web interface is being looked at and we’re assessing the viability of it, but we’ve said from the beginning that we’re aiming to be a mobile only bank for the moment so such a thing is a fair amount of time away (if it happens).

Were such a thing to happen it would probably not be a fully featured interface and more of a portal to freeze cards or log your phone out, at least for a first iteration!

As Christophorus said though, the next release of the API will likely give rise to a number of community built apps for various features across all platforms!


I thought Monzo wanted to be “mobile first” not “mobile only”?! For me personally, “mobile only” is unacceptable for the long term, as there may be a million cases where my phone is temporarily unavailable, and if I can’t access my cash in those situations, then that’s a huge deal for me…


crikey thats a lot of scenarios :slight_smile: I do agree though not being able to access the app is quite a big deal for any length of time , but it wouldn’t necessarily stop access to your funds

Mobile only is why monzo will remain a ‘petty cash’ account for me.

You are on holiday and lose your phone but need to quickly make a payment or check something in your account and… nothing?


I assume you would always take a tablet or PC on holiday with you then ? you wouldn’t trust logging into your bank details on a Hotel/ internet cafe computer would you ?

Well, to be fair, I have never needed access to my banking while on holiday, and wouldn’t be able to access my other accounts without mobile when I’m on holiday either, because my phone is my only computing device I take with me when I go on holidays. Since it had all my passwords, 9 couldn’t log on, even if I got hold of another phone / PC. Holiday isn’t my personal issue

I’d like to take my phablet (mini tablet) away instead of a phone and a tablet. The phablet has WiFi so I can call via the BT and Skype apps, runs various bank apps but not the Monzo app :frowning: Shame you don’t support more Samsung devices. Bet if it was Apple it would run!

You took the words right out of my mouth. It makes perfect sense to have several accounts for various purposes, and in that case, the best purpose for a mobile only account is for spending money.

We don’t have any official support for tablets, but the app does run on iPads as the iPhone/iPad share a common set of hardware and the same app store (but with no promise of support for iPad specific bugs.etc).


If you are ever having an emergency we have a emergency phone line and a support email address that you can use to get in touch. While we can’t do things like make a payment for you for obvious security reasons, we’ll do our best to help you in any situation.


Forget holiday then and insert “overseas business trip”.


We’ve always stated that we want to be a bank that lives on your smartphone, lack of access to the app won’t prevent you using your card and the balance on it or topping it up using a bank transfer from another bank.

Should you be left without access to your phone you can always contact us using the emergency line on the back of your card, or contacting help@monzo.com and we’ll do our best to help.