Desktop version of the Monzo app (full feature Monzo Web)

Indeed, I already use Starling for business purposes and used my personal Starling when working abroad last year extensively, because the current FX and withdrawal restrictions make Monzo less suitable for overseas use.

I feel sad that some key aspects of the universal service are seemingly being deprioritised. I’ve been an early supporter from the Mondo days, but I’m surprised how some of what I’d consider basic features still don’t feel well implemented or even considered compared to more recent market entrants.

My Monzo use is increasingly infrequent, I’m tending to use it for a few small bills and as a lunch money card. That’s a great shame. It’s still not mature enough for me to switch to become my main CA, and the paid tier benefits simply don’t stack up when compared to something like Nationwide FlexPlus which I ended up opening ~18 months ago.

Monzo are beginning to lag hard in some areas. I hope they can at least begin to address some basic functions like moving closer to parity on a web offering as a start instead of fiddling with extra features on Pots.

In your view that’s more important, but the world is moving mobile. As I said the last time you posted about this, Virgin have shut their online portal, so now it’s app only. That’s where the future is. Not having what was a key feature 10 years ago isn’t really lagging.

I’d much rather they did extras from pots etc than a web interface. So do many people nowadays.

Never say never but I’d imagine it’s very low on the priority list.


‘web’ is mobile.

‘web’ works everywhere by design and is the future.


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I think he means there should be a ‘work anywhere’ web app, rather than native apps.

Which, IMO, is a dreadful idea.

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In the case of a shopping site, then a “web rip” of a website made scalable to mobile makes sense.

In the form of a bank then no, IMHO.

BUT, it would be nice to see at least an iPad version of the app, which you could use even if it was installed onto the phone etc.

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I think you’d be surprised just how well web apps can work. The entire Monzo app and all of it’s current functionality could easily be a web app that works on every device.


I had a Virgin credit card and I was also frustrated by them closing their web services and going app-only. Don’t use that card any more. :wink:

From an accessibility angle, web has always been important. There seem to be few concessions in the app design for people with visual or motor impairments. I’m sighted, but using it as a blind/VI person would with the Android screen-reader is a really frustrating experience.

While most mainstream banking apps have fairly similar app design, it’s no reason for Monzo to neglect this userbase segment where other banks also have fully fledged web interfaces. The Equality Act has a few pertinent points about equal access to web sites and services, and the penalties to service providers for treating some groups less favourably.

For an essential service like banking, no equivalent web access to account functions was never really acceptable and is increasingly frowned upon, even if the zeitgeist is app-centric. Monzo has beta’d/labbed stuff with webviews before, the only really noteworthy app-specific thing I can think of is the nicely implemented MC SCA verification, that can be done by SMS or web interstitial.

Fingers, toes and eyes remain crossed for future improvements…

Oh god no, not having another shitty web app - the five guys app is terrible, the “La Bella” Pizza shop is also terrible, it’s just a barely functioning website in an app, like a shortcut - I can’t believe they pay £99 a year to keep them up and not make a native app.

I can excuse La Bella as it’s a small chain, but five guys, seriously!?


They can, and I’ve seen some good ones.

But, I’ve also seen some really terrible ones too

I recently started going through a backlog of mis-categorised transactions and spent a couple of hours lying in bed going through my trends page. Not the most comfortable experience to be honest. I’ve found myself wishing for a desktop version because of this and similar experiences (though I am aware that what I really wanted at that moment was to reduce the number of taps needed to recategorise things, it was quite tedious)


Totally agree! Can’t believe is is now 3 years since this post and we still don’t have a desktop version of the app… Come on Monzo - what’s to lose?? :wink:


Yep even revolut have one.

Maybe Resolut will give them the push they need to develop a desktop app… to date, only Starling has given them competition AFAIK