Depositing Cash at the Post Office


I think plenty of people have been stung trying to deposit cash at PayPoint… so bumping the post in case others want to ‘vote’ for it with the new system.

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Some slightly misleading info from my local Post Office!

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Bottom left corner has a disclaimer that’s partially hidden


Whhhhhy are they taunting us? WHY? :cry:

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It seems a lot of the time I’m reading that people are having trouble with paying cash into their account via PayPoint, however no fault of Monzo it’s more of a PayPoint user issue, I have tried once and was met with a resound no quite quickly. Maybe time to look at using Post Office? At least then I imagine it would be accepted more widely. While I do not use this often I do feel quite reluctant to do this as I feel a lot of PayPoint users have ‘no clue’ how someone would do this.


I don’t see how it’s anyone else’s fault but Monzo’s. They could have easily forseen this with good testing. The whole thing just seems ridiculous. For the average customer the PayPoint service seems to be horrendous.

It’s a shame because most of Monzo is great - but PayPoint have obviously over promised with Monzo and they’ve not thoroughly conducted their own testing.

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The coop would be a good example of this as they have stores everywhere. They are the local corner shop usually

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Not all this again :weary:

Vote for it and let that speak louder than any words that are just a repeat of the same old discussions that have been circulating in this topic.

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Interestingly I’ve found quite a few Tesco’s and Coop’s that accept PayPoint.


This issue has been on here before but the reason for not being able to withdraw cash at the Post Office seems to have changed. Previously it was simply a lack of an agreement between Monzo and the Post Office. However, Monzo Chat has just informed me that it is because the Post Office requires Monzo to “update our chip profile – a change we could only do by physically replacing all our customers’ cards”. Could this be done incrementally, e.g. when replacement cards are issued on the expiration of old ones, or when customers start receiving Monzo Plus cards, or for a fee to cover the cost of a new card?

With many ATMs now charging for withdrawals and banks closing their high street branches, this is becoming important as the Post Office is often the only place left for financial transactions in rural communities.


Hey @paulcooper, welcome! :wave:

I’ve moved your post here with the other Post Office chat.

As far as I know (which isn’t much) Monzo would need to both have a commercial agreement and reissue all their cards for the Post Office to work.

Indeed, despite an aside from Tom saying that they’d been talking to the Post Office, I’m not sure there’s any evidence that this is coming at all. :pensive:

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The need for new cards has always been there. It was certainly mentioned a few times before the PayPoint agreement was launched. I can’t remember if it’s come up since.

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It would have been smart to have added these chips into the mix before the flurry of plus cards were ordered.

Heres to hoping


I occasionally get paid in cash and it’s so easy and convenient to pay this money into the Post Office but at the moment I have to use either Lloyds or Santander as they are free and then transfer this to monzo.

This is a small inconvenience but I’m not going to pay the £1 fee to use Paypoint everytime, especially as sometimes I only pay in £10 so the Paypoint fee becomes very expensive.

I’m really hoping that Monzo links up with the Post Office real soon as to me it’s very helpful, convenient and the future and the reason that I have to keep my legacy bank account


I’m guessing here that it’s not so much the chip, it’s what’s encoded on the chip. And that the data needed would need to be supplied by the Post Office - so it’s not really something that could be done “just in case”.

If we’re lucky, someone will be along to confirm or deny, but it might be that Monzo can’t talk about it as it’s a prospective commercial partnership :pensive:

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You’re right that it is a software update to the chip (but one that can’t be done remotely), but I’m not sure it needs an agreement from the Post Office first. The statement from Nick was ambiguous, but I took it to mean that it could just be adding another ‘app’ to the chip profile that could be there just in case. Might be wrong, though.

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I literally know nothing about this, but my thinking was that the Post Office would probably need to tell them what to encode on the chip. And they’d probably only do that with an agreement.

I’d be super happy if it was just an open standard though…

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Didn’t someone from monzo say it could be done via mag stripe without replacing cards?


In theory it should be possible as you can update the chip and pin modules when a user performs an online transaction


That’s how one of the big banks does it - might be HSBC but I cant be sure.

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