✅ Post Office Cash Deposit

This one may be a bit of big ask because I believe this involves the architecture of the card itself but is it possible to have the option to deposit cash it the post office. I know there is the option of using Pay Point but there are much more post offices readily available and I feel much more secure using the post office than a pay point. I’m hoping there is something in the works based the below article.


There is a search function BTW.


I saw this article, but wanted to highlight it again as i think it’s something A LOT of customers want and perhaps it might get some momentum behind it to make it a reality.

It’s already been highlighted as the posts/discussion in that other topic demonstrate. With the same link posted a few weeks ago.

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Are you agreeing with your own post?


No with the previous post linked in the comment

If you spread it across topics you’re not helping your cause.

Keeping it all in one topic so Monzo can easily see all the noise, demand and votes is best :slight_smile:

Isn’t it coming?

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