Better ways to get cash into your account

As monzo is a current account we should be able to pay cash in some how. I know pockit use paypoint at the local shops which is very very handy any chance of anything similar. I know co op bank let’s you pay in at the post office.

I believe it’s on the roadmap for within 6-12 months. How they’ll allow this is unknown but will likely be either through a partnership with a bank, the post office, PayPoint or even a combo.

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Definitely something we’re working on!


Personally, I wouldn’t wait for Monzo to allow deposits. Mainly because Monzo are rumoured to be planning to charge for this service compared to most other banks. I would open a second bank account in a bank that allows free instant debit card deposits at the Post Office and then transfer it across to Monzo.


Yeap definitely wont use this service if Monzo charge for it. Will just put cash into my other account which still has a branch


All banks would benefit from self service machines that can be used regardless of which bank you use.

In the very rare occurrences I deposit cash or cheques I always use the self service machines in NatWest.

I know digital cheque imaging is likely coming to the app itself but if generic self service machines were such a thing then it could solve the problem for all banks.


The only one of my banks that has this sort of machine in a branch near me is Nationwide. Barclays last time wanted me to drop my cash in what was essentially an unmonitored letter box, without receipts. I told them “no way would I do this!”

If there is a charge I’d prefer a fixed fee of say £2 per deposit rather than a % of the money you’re adding. Only because it’s easier to work out. I do understand though that this may not work for all as if you make lots of small deposits the cost is going to be rather large over time. I tend to save up my cash until I have a decent amount then just cash it about twice a year, generally at my Birthday or Christmas when you get family members giving you money in cards etc.
Maybe a system where you get so many free deposits a year would be good?

Positives and negatives to all ways

That’s a bit risky!
Halifax once had a machine to deposit cash where I live but I think they disabled the function?

Probably one reason why some people could never go full Monzo… unless you can live without putting cash into a bank.

As much as I use Monzo for daily spending… I keep my RBS account for cheques and putting money in/getting large sums out.


I may be wrong as I have never used them but Metro Bank seems to be the best backup option as they seem to be opening more branches (rather than closing them) and they have decent opening hours.

For me it’s not just about paying in, it’s large withdrawals too.

I have a Post Office Current Account specifically for cash and cheque facilities. It seemed like less hassle than utilising them as a “middle-man” for other banks, and it works fine for me.


That’s an excellent idea! Essentially gives free cash and cheque paying in facilities. And much easier than getting to a bank branch.

Do they have an app, and are transfers to other banks via Faster Payments instant?

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What about depositing via pay point like Amazon let you via a barcode you keep on your phone? Can do between £5 and £250 that way.

Means you can put cash in outside the restrictive post office opening hours


The Post Office account is adequate. Since I only use it for cash and cheques, I can’t really comment other than the website is fairly basic compared even to the main legacy banks. There is an app which i’ve not used, and “Faster Payments” usually show up the next day (so not very fast!!).

But since Post Offices are shoe-horned into local shops, it saves a trip into town to go to a bank.

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I think I prefer this solution the best. There’s PayPoint everywhere. But a combo of PayPoint and the Post Office would be amazing.

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Suppose it comes down to cost in the end. I have no idea how much each would charge Monzo for the service. Could the post office handle paying in cheques as well? That would be a plus for some but I get 1 or 2 cheques per year so posting them works fine for me

I do the same, I wouldn’t be prepared to pay to use my own money. It’s similar to using those standalone atms that charge you for using them


They have a better solution coming for cheques.

I think they’re experimenting with digital cheque imaging - essentially where you will be able to take a photo of the cheque in the app, it uses OCR (optical character recognition) to verify some basic details from the app before eventually being credited to your account.

Not sure if you then still need to post the original cheque or whether it can be destroyed after it clears.

It’s basically the same tech that you have inside self service machines in banks.