Denied from a monzo account

I recently turned 16 and i wanted to open a monzo account as in late 2019 and early 2020 i was involved in fraud. I applied to open a monzo account as i heard that they accept people even if they have cifas markers. Well i was denied from a monzo account and was wondering what other options do i have in terms of bank accounts that i can open

If you have a search, it is covered a lot


Most likely the cifas is the reason you was denied.
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You’ll have to email monzo although since they said no they’ll only change their minds in extremely rare occasions such as it was an error on their since which most likely wasn’t the reason

Sadly most British banks don’t like cifas markers - if you’re desperate for monzo you’ll need to re apply the in future

Hi, if an account is closed or blocked, does that mean that I am not able to use Monzo anymore?

Depends on the reason it was closed but generally, yes.

An account at your local Credit Union is likely to be an option for a small monthly fee. When your situation gets better you’ll at least me able to find other accounts available to you.