Cifas - Fraud - help anyone

Hey my name is Suleman I am 17 year old I got tricked into doing fraud when I was in secondary and now I have a cifas marker on my name I can’t get a job can’t get college money life has been so stressful so much and I don’t know what to do I really need help can someone help I tried signing up but it says my number has been used and i don’t if it’s the cifas marker that is stoping me from opening account can someone help please I tried all mainstream banks and they all declined me and I actually don’t know what to do life has been so depressing if anyone can help open a account or a card so I can get a job and everything please let me know

If it’s saying the number is in use then you’ve opened an account at some time in the past. Or someone with that phone did

I tried opening it before but I done it with my out of date passport now I can’t open an account with my number and plus I have my new in date passport

So try the sign in option rather than the open new account option

It remembers you started an application before

It may not work so then you’ll need to follow Tony’s advice above (which he’s gone and deleted now) and email

It can take a few days for a reply to an email though

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Alas, I deleted that advice as I thought yours was better. But yes, contact Monzo if that does not work.

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People with CIFAS markers have been able to open Monzo accounts in the past (just search the forum!). Monzo are not so strict on such things.


They won’t get the overdraft or loan option, so it will function like a basic bank account

And I imagine the fraud detection system will be set to 11


Live feed of the Monzo Fraud Team:


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I just contacted the help team hopefully they message me back thank you guys


Good luck.

Why is it a risky debt account, if you cannot get into debt?

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So because their first post was a bit stream-of-consciousness they should not be allowed a bank account. I see.

Victim blaming is still in fashion I see. Lets take it at face value like we should do?

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Next up: beheadings for shoplifting.

Unless it’s a shovel


chill out

That you’re aware of.

Who was talking about yours? :man_shrugging:

The initial question having been answered and the OP in contact with Monzo, I’ve closed this because of the trend towards unhelpful and frankly inconsiderate comments.

An individual came here with a question, not looking for a judgement on their life choices.