Cifas marker please help

Hi,i allowed my “friend” to do fraud on my account which was a very very dumb decision. I wanted the money to help out my mum as she has been struggling in lockdown since she has her own business. I thought what my friend was doing was legal but he bounced a check and santander closed my account and now i think i have a cifa marker. Ive been emailing cifa to check if i do. I am 16 and im worried i may not be able to get a job or even go to uni. Does anyone know any banks that i can apply for, if so then please help me out. Also if anyone has an advice for then it would be greatly appreciated. I did have a monzo account before but it was closed for some reason. It was probably because i logged into the account from another phone as my phone was dead at the time and i wanted my mum to transfer me some money. Please if anyone has advise i would really be thankful.

I think they will come back saying yep.

If so, something like a basic bank account would be my suggestion. They can still turn you away if you have a fraud marker so it’s not a guarantee.

Search previous topics. Some have had success with their local credit union.

Will this credit union give me a bank account?

I tried halifax but after confirming my identity and opening the account they closed it sue to this, do you think barclays could accept me? I have been told some people have gotten an account so should i explain the situation to them?

Try the credit union in your local area that pretty much all do basic bank accounts and will usually always accept a new account opening.

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Have a read of this thread.

Are there any fees for these accounts since i am 16

I think they’re usually small fees, best checking with them when applying for anything.

With a Cifas marker against your name, I’m afraid you are going to have to take what you’re given, fees and all.


Credit Unions tend to offer the Engage account, fees last time I looked at my local CU were quite reasonable to be fair. This is prob your best bet for the next few years until that marker drops off.

Oh ok then, thank you so much for the help. If anyone else has any advice i would greatly appreciate it.

My advice is to read the topic you were given earlier. All he questions you’re asking and more are already covered in there.

Yeah ive been reading through it since last night and have seen a few options that i could take, ill continue to read trough the entire thing though.

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Strange that Santander keeps coming up. A bit out of proportion with their actual share of the market. Maybe they’re just really on the case

I’ve been logged onto Monzo on three different devices within the last day, so it’s definitely not that. I’m not a big believer in coincidence, so the fact it was closed at same time feels connected

No it was actually closed before any of this even happened, so if you’re allowed to be logged into multiple devices then i really cant think of any other reason. Maybe inactivity because i didnt really use it that much at the time?

No they don’t close for inactivity. Something made them think you were breaking the terms and conditions