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Hi guys I need help creating a monzo account I have been wrongfully accused of fraud as some deposit a stolen check in my bank and they given me a cifas marker I’m 18 and this has ruined my life as im an apprenticeship plumber and I need my wages to go somewhere plz help

What do you need help with? You can apply for a Monzo account and you will either be accepted or rejected. Based on that, you can then decide the next stage.


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However, to give you some actual help, you need to speak to whichever bank gave you the marker and contest it. Monzo won’t let you open an account with it.


Other people have opened a monzo with a cifas marker though ?


Search on here and you’ll see some have some haven’t. Monzos advice is to just apply and that’s the only way to find out if you’ll be accepted or not.

If you actually are innocent (and remember these makers aren’t given out carelessly) you’d be best advised to appeal this and have it removed before applying.

If you can’t find an account search for a credit union in your local area, they’ll often have an account you can apply for and use, it may incur a small fee for transactions etc etc but better than nothing

They’ve got tougher recently as they were letting too many in that they shouldn’t.

All you can do is apply and find out for yourself.

Cifas is there to mark the person as a potential fraud risk and is for their protection.

It’s usually added after being a victim of fraud, but can be requested.

It’s basically so the bank needs to do more steps to verify the person applying is who they say they are.

I would go onto Credit Karma and it’ll show you who it was that put it there etc

Then follow Disputing the data

How does one have a stolen cheque deposited in their account by mistake?


i imagine the same way someone slips and falls into a hoover


Very much doubt that. Why would anyone deposit a stolen check into someone else’s bank account without them knowing anything about it?

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