Cifas marker on my name

I have a cifas marker on my name but when i sign up for monzo i didnt got denied but am worried that in future i also get denied from the monzo. Can anyone help if that will happen or i will keep going like i am right now , also because i given my monzo bank details to my employer which his going to send my salary to this bank. PLEASE HELP!

No-one can say what will happen in the future!

The usual advice is to apply and see if you’re successful which you’ve done. Congratulations!

So am not suppose to get any message saying that we are no longer be able to have a account with you. Righf now i have my account stable and my app also, but am worried in future if they close my accoun i have no where to go for help.

If they let you open the account while you have a CIFAS marker, then you should be okay.

If you’re worried, then you should chat to support in the app.

Oky thanks mate.

having a cifas marker on your name doesn’t necessarily mean you will be automatically denied some time the bank will open the account or request more information from you before opening the account