Cat 6 CIFAS Marker

Cat 6 CIFAS Marker

I’m really hoping Monzo can help me out here. I’m so worried I’ve messed up my life by doing something so stupid because I was intimidated at school and was too weak and naive to stand up to these thugs when I was 16. I’ve made a really stupid mistake which could seriously mess up my education and life because I cant get a job or apply for a grant because I need an account in my name. I’ve just started college to study engineering and want to go to Uni, but I can’t do that without or job but i can’t get a bank account for 6 years. I feel sick with worry and have trouble sleeping and am finding it hard to think of anything else. I’ve never been in any sort of trouble before and I just want to get back on the right track again and live a normal life. I just want to be straight and not hide anything. Do you think I can open a Monzo account with this marker against my name?

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There was a very similar thread a few days ago. The short answer was get in touch with Monzo and they’ll be able to chat and see if they can help. @BethS might be a good person to chime in here


Thanks for replying @Hatticus , hoping @BethS can help.


Hello @kamy, what we would suggest in this instance is to sign up as usual and we would contact you if we need further information as each application is considered on a case by case basis and we’re unable to comment on specifics before this has happened.


Thank you so much @BethS, I’ll do that and please do get in touch if required. I’ll be happy to give you any additional information if needed.

Hello,I am facing a horrible situation right now just like the other individual .I would like to know if I can open a current account with you as others with the same problems have told me they have .Recently I have fallen into a victim of fraud .I was vulnerable and foolish to these unknown people .This resulted in me being a victim of identity fraud .I have been effected emotionally and financially .I would really appreciate if you could help me overcome this issue .Thank you for understanding .I am looking forward to hearing back .

Hi Jas,

I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through.

You should try to apply through the Monzo app and you will be contacted should they need anymore details from you.

Monzo do a soft check when checking your credit file for your application. This means your credit report won’t be impacted in a way visible to others by trying to get an account. So you have nothing to lose by going though the registration process in app and seeing what happens.

I hope they can help you, let us know how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok Will do thank you

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Hi, I’ve recently had my account closed due to Cifas and I’m not sure if it’s the worst of the worst which I think it is but when I applied for a monzo account they said I couldn’t have one :frowning: now I don’t know what to do and have gone it a severe depression is there anyone I could talk to to see if they could open me an account even though it said no when I applied?

If Monzo have said no then you’ll need to apply to a different bank. You could email but it might be a few days for a reply. If the Cifas marker is incorrect then you’ll need to ask whoever put the marker on to remove it