✅ Delayed bank transfers - 10/05/19

Can anyone advise of timescales of when this is likely to be resolved and if this has happened before

What, exactly?

There haven’t been any updates yet I’m afraid

Depends where the issue is. It’s happened once or twice before and it’s only been an hour or 2. Hopefully there will be an update soon


Issue should now be resolved. Any transfers will arrive soon :money_with_wings::blush:.

Link to status page below:


There was a spate where Bank Transfers we having issues on a fairly regular basis but there hasn’t been any for quite a while until today.

Still not working I’m afraid I have my wages and everything into this account so left out of pocket which isn’t ideal

They are likely working through the backlog. Give it an hour or so and hopefully it will appear :crossed_fingers:t3:


Thank you keep my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t5:

Anyone know how long it will take and will it affect ma money

Follow the link to the status page above for the latest news.

When I looked it was fixed and the backlog being worked through.

Its been saying that for quite a while but my money still hasnt came thru

It says an hour and a half so should be in the next hour



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Hi Bella, all delayed transfers have now been processed - please get in touch via in-app chat if you’re still expecting something.

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Yup, had one payment waiting and it went through about 8 mins ago! Fast work Monzo peeps!


@nickrw is there any information about what happened here? Not necessarily asking for a post mortem, but any sort of idea as to what went wrong would be brilliant.


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I’m still missing a payment that I was expecting is it going to arrive?

You’ll need to contact in app chat as it should have been processed by now if it was sent

Payments can take up to two hours to arrive and it’s within the rules to take up to the end of the next business working day to be cleared

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Yea but should have been cleared this morning. I rang customer service and they told me I need to contact the payee who need to contact thier bank and check the status of the payment incase it was returned. It’s quite a hassle for us that need our wages before the weekend