Payment not showing in grey

Is anyone else payment not showing in grey yet for withdrawal at 4 as mine isn’t

Mines isn’t showing either, there was a thread a few days ago about the same issue and they did end up showing but unsure what time at. This is giving me severe anxiety and it’s genuinely impossible to get through to Monzo I’ve tried to call and web chat them for about 3 days

Give it a chance. They can show up later in the day.

Mines normally there at 9 that’s why I’m panicking

A scheduled payment didn’t leave my account until 9:15 this morning. They usually leave at 3am. So there is definitely a delay going on somewhere. No actual issues reported yet though;

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Was around 11 the other day wonder why they having issues lately never had any probs before

I have a payment not showing either!

Hopefully they’re just going to show late like the other days thread

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Yeah mine due for tomorrow isn’t showing up either. Must be a delay.

Aye I’ve got 2 payments into bog standard pots still showing as pending they generally clear at 3am so not sure what’s holding them up, I checked the status page like someone else has and nothings showing up as not working.

The ‘moved’ bank holiday will have caused issues. It is usually on Monday but has been moved this year to Friday next week. Banking systems are usually pre-programmed for bank holidays and a change could stutter the banking system in use. I don’t believe anything will break - just happen later than normal.

I got a pretty quick answer on support chat.

They’re experiencing some delays with scheduled transfers but they’re getting through them now.

They really should keep on top of updating the status page.


And people on here say that Pay Early is a useless feature :exploding_head:

There are soooooo many topics / comments about it recently :open_mouth:

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Oh thank you! I’ve been trying to get through on chat since Monday and haven’t had an answer :joy::joy::joy:

Mines just came through guys hope yours all follow suit x

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Mine has also just cum threw thank god