Bank transfer not showing up

Hi guys, transfered some money from my Lloyds bank to Monzo on Friday night and it said it would be in my account by midday the next day.

It hasn’t showed up yet.

Any ideas when I can expect this, the in app chat doesn’t seem to be working at the moment too?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Michael, I’m sorry to hear that this has happened. Unfortunately there’s not a great deal that we can do to help you solve the issue & the support team will need to look into this.

But just to confirm, bank transfers should arrive in your account the next day & sometimes sooner than that.

Did you include the 9 digit number from the bottom of your card as the reference? That enables the team to link the transfer to your account.

The support chat appears to be working to me in the app (the response time is currently under 10 minutes), although I didn’t actually send a message to check, for obvious reasons. So hopefully someone from the team will be in touch soon.

You can also contact the support team by sending @monzo a DM on Twitter or emailing If you do use either of those options, I expect it would help if you mention that you sent a message in the chat too.

Hi Alex

Thanks for the reply.

I put it the details correctly and I can confirm that the money isn’t on my
Monzo yet.

The in app chat isn’t working on my phone. And hasn’t been since yesterday

Can I give you the 9 digit number through this so you can look into it?

Thanks for sharing those extra details. Unfortunately I don’t work for Monzo so I can’t look into this for you though.


Thanks for your help. I have emailed and will hopefully get this sorted
soon :slight_smile:

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