Christmas payments 2023

Hi im due to be paid on the 28th december but it will be getting paid a day early instead with it being over the holidays .does this mean im likely to recieve this before christmas with being with monzo as 26th is a bank holiday ?thank you for taking the time to read this :slight_smile:



U say your due to be paid 28th but monzo pay a day early being the 26th it would be the 27th your money would be availability 4pm if your paid 28th as the 28th and 27th are both normal working days

Im due to be paid 27th so should be paid by monzo 22nd as the 26th is a bank holiday so the working day before 27th is 22nd :blush:

That first paragraph made my head hurt :exploding_head:

Are there some words missing from it? As it stands, why is a reference to the 26th included?

If you want some help you’ll need to explain a lot better than that.

Alternatively read the above for yourself.

Shes mentioned her payment date being 28th but referred to monzo pay early feature being applied to the date 26th completely missing out 27th… so either shes got the date 28th wrong and it should be payment is paid 27th and will monzo pay 26th or before with it being a bank holiday or shes paid the 28th and the date she refers to 26th should have been typed as 27? No?

In case of explanation or reference difficulties, please refer to the List in Post#2 above :point_up:

That shows what is paid and when in a simple list.


Some articles are saying certain benefits paid on the 28th will be paid in on the 27th instead a day early .so im hoping it will show up before x mas with being with monzo :slight_smile:

All those dates above assume that there’s nothing funky happening with your payment provider to change the date either.

If your payment is being made earlier as a consicous choice by the provider then you need to apply the new date to the table.

Similarly, this only applies to standard BACS payments - some payments may be made via faster payments instead - so would not be applicable to Get Paid Early.

Effectilvey the date you are told you should receieve the money - is the relevant date to look up in the table :slight_smile:

Anyting expected on the 27th or Before will arrive before Christmas :slight_smile:

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Okay that hurt my head. I’m due to paid on the 27th so does that mean I’ll get it on the 22nd ?

So confused

If you’re paid by BACS the 27th is a working day so if you use get paid early it’ll be the 22nd otherwise the 27th.

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It’s paid by uc. Sorry I’m completely new to monzo it’s a new account I’ve only had it about a week so yes I think BACS or whatever it is are like uc payments cause I’m sure that takes 3 days to clear

Just look at the table and look for your date, then look to the right of it.


The 27th (or 22nd if you use the get paid early feature)

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According to HMRC, UC payments (which are usually paid by BACS and paid monthly, not every 4 weeks or 2 weeks as most other benefits are) have the following December pay dates:

When your payment is due When Universal Credit will be paid When other benefits will be paid (not Universal Credit)
Monday 25 December Friday 22 December Friday 22 December
Tuesday 26 December Friday 22 December Friday 22 December
Wednesday 27 December Wednesday 27 December Friday 22 December
Monday 1 January Friday 29 December Friday 29 December
Tuesday 2 January Tuesday 2 January Friday 29 December or Tuesday 2 January

So as above, you’ll be paid on 27-December but if you use Monzo’s get paid early feature, you can claim it after 4pm on Friday 22nd December. Keep an eye out for a greyed out, upcoming, entry in the transaction feed during the day on Friday. After 4pm, you can tap on it, tap on get paid early and drag the cash down to the wallet and claim it early.


I love how helpful and articulate you are in your posts when answering a question from a user. It’s very refreshing! :pray:


So if I’m due to be paid on Tuesday 2nd January and Monday is a bank holiday will the early payment be available on Friday 29th December?


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The chart above made it confusing as it said it would be the 1st.

Thank you for the clarification