Credit Tracker bug?

Received my Credit Tracker update today and one of the “key factors” is that I’m paying back missed payments from the last 2 years. It goes on to say “You’ve paid back some payments that you missed on accounts in the last 2 years”

All well and good, except that I’ve never, ever missed a payment and have just gone through my TransUnion report to confirm this.

Where is Monzo getting this information from, then, or are they just misinterpreting the payment information that’s available?


Could it have been an electric, gas or phone bill? The UI on the online portals for credit reports are all a bit confusing in my view, like they don’t show bills even those miss payments there are tracked.

Get the statutory report and compare to that, would be my recommendation as a first step


No, they are all up to date, too. In fact, Credit Karma (which also uses TransUnion) makes a point of saying that I’ve never missed a payment, as do Equifax and Experian.

I’m not bothered about getting the statutory report because I know that I haven’t missed anything and also know that none of the companies I have credit with have even incorrectly marked a payment as missed. Vodafone did once, but that was many years ago and that account is not even on any of my credit records.


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So the credit tracker we have in the app is 100% powered by information we gather from TransUnion, if there is an error I would recommend to just double check with TransUnion to 1000% make sure that this is correct/incorrect you can call them or send a message (I’ve always found the TransUnions credit report confusing as I had some wrong information on there too) for them to ask a credit expert to check for you.

If they still say that your credit report is correct and our app is displaying the wrong information id get in contact with us through the app.


You’re not involved in the development of Credit Tracker, are you? :laughing:

(only joking)

Thanks - I’ll get TransUnion to double-check things.


Is that cause of the extra 0 :eyes:

(I did it on purpose :pensive::pensive:)


Comes from TransUnion and the information visible is from them, so you’d need to raise it through TransUnion or Credit Karma if looking for a free report.

Edit: didn’t see Tom’s comment :sweat_smile:

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I believe this may be a transunion bug as I have the same with NatWest where it’s picked up an old finance agreement for some AirPods which have long since been payed off.


Good call - just remembered that I’ve also enabled the credit tracker in the Lloyds app and that updates in 4 days. I’ll see that says anything.

I would have expected Credit Karma to show that there had been missing payments, though, tbh.

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Changed my mind and requested a statutory report from TransUnion. No accounts, either open or closed, have any missing payments, so no idea where Monzo got the idea from.

I’ll contact Monzo and see what they have to say.


Disappointing response from Monzo. I explained in my request for help that I’d checked my TransUnion report and Monzo’s response is that they can’t do anything and that I should check my TransUnion report :frowning:

Edit: further response from a different agent and still not budging, saying it’s a TransUnion issue, not Monzo.

I thought I was doing them a favour by reporting it.

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They give us the information to show you via our app. So this would be TransUnion. We don’t build the report or information ourselves.

If there’s very little on your report lately, it will show anything else that is having an impact on your score, which stems back 6 years remember.

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He’s never missed a payment though. So that’s just blatantly incorrect, no?

I mean, if TransUnion have the right information there is a chance the Monzo app is displaying something incorrectly. It surely can’t be an impossibility.


Sorry Carl, not convinced.

I keep seeing this “TransUnion send us the information” but is that how it really works? Other apps like Credit Karma poll TransUnion for the data rather than having it “sent”. I’d assumed that the apps receive a bunch of XML data from TransUnion which they then draw their own conclusions on.

Credit Karma has updated again this morning and one of the “key factors” towards my “excellent” score is that I’ve never missed a payment. Also, as mentioned above, I obtained my statutory TransUnion report and went through the whole 50 pages looking at payment information for all the open and closed accounts. No missed payments at all.

So, either TransUnion “sent” Monzo some incorrect information, or Monzo polled for the latest information and, due to a bug, have misinterpreted it. I don’t believe that it is unreasonable to assume that there might be such a bug.

I’ll also point out that I’m not in the slightest bit concerned that this is going to have a negative impact on my credit rating. After all, Monzo see it as a good thing that I’m finally catching up on these “missed” payments!


Exactly :slight_smile:

Like I said, I’m not concerned from a credit rating POV, it’s now the problem-solving techie in me wanting to know why :nerd_face:


I didn’t see this bit :upside_down_face: had my tired eyes on.

Apologies @mikez :pray:t3:

Have you contacted TransUnion directly to query this? I know you mentioned a statutory report but it could be something wrong their side which has caused the information monzo has to show as such.

No worries :slight_smile:

Yes - they say that the information that I see in the statutory report is what their partners see. They also said it’s up to the partners to interpret the information.

Looks like we’re not going to get a resolution any time soon!


How strange!

Wonder if it’s something like a due date change happened some time ago, and on paper it looked like you were paying on X date every month, and it then moved to X other date every month, and it’s transpired as such, a “missed” occasion based on the history.

Be curious to see how, if ever, this is resolved.

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You might be onto something there. I did ask Barclaycard to change my DD payment date a few months back, which also meant a change of due date. That actually meant that a couple of payments were closer together rather than further apart, though. Still, it might have been enough to confuse things.


Yeah seems the data may be misinterpreted if you’re confident no actual missed payments.

Say you always paid on 5th, then decided to move 14+ days ahead to 25th, it could possibly think ah it’s been missed that month.

But then every month after its aligned and thought ah no it’s regular now.

Not a clue how TransUnion send or relay the details though. Or how monzo reads it.

Could be a trigger in there.

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