Credit score different from Credit Karma's

Hi everyone!

Just started using the new Monzo Plus. One thing I noticed is the credit score being displayed for me on Monzo doesn’t match the score I see on Credit Karma. About 10 points difference.

My understanding was if they were both TransUnion they should match? Is there any reason for this?


One possibility is that the Transunion score in Credit Karma is outdated? Does it have a lat updated sign anywhere?

Monzo’s was fetched today so there could be a variance between the 2

Yes it could be it, on Credit Karma they update it every 7 days. Mine is due to be updated again tomorrow. Will keep you posted.

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Interested to see the outcome tomorrow, I just opened my Credit Karma app to see if their was any difference, turns out as luck would have it mine updated today so they’re the same

At least you can see yours, my details are exactly the same on Clearscore & Credit Karma but Monzo is saying I can’t be matched to a credit file… guess I’ll see what happens in 31 days.

Just had a look this morning, my Credit Karma score was refreshed today and it’s still different from Monzo’s. To be precise, it’s a 6 points difference. I’m 6 points ahead on Credit Karma.

Hard for me to tell if it’s just a coincidence, but the score I see on Monzo now is the score I had on Credit Karma in March/2020. It has risen since. Maybe Monzo is lagging 4 months behind?

The score I see is the same as credit karma. That was updated last Saturday

(Dropped 11 points for paying off my credit card. Credit scores are such a con)


Just came to see if this thread already existed.

Noticed a 20 point disparity on my Monzo in-app score, vs the score shown on Credit Karma.

I sadly can’t see the history of dates in Monzo (why not?! It is a paid for feature after all) - but my current score in Monzo doesn’t match up to any of the last 2 months worth of scores as reported by Credit Karma.

Find this a bit odd! It does now make me wonder the purpose of the score in App, if it doesn’t reflect the score that the agency themselves are reporting :man_shrugging:

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Mine also remains different. Monzo is always 6 points behind credit karma.
My score went up last month and both scores went up by the same amount, keeping the difference between them unchanged.

There doesn’t seem to be an explanation as to why.

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It does.

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During the credit score trial and I did point out many a time that Monzo updates once per month and Credit Karma updates one per week. Monzo is out of date within 7 days of the app notification of your score.

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