Credit score tracker broken, not updated for months

Raising this here just in case it’s a known issue.

The credit score tracker within the Monzo app, for me, has been ‘frozen’ without updating for some time.

Regardless of when I look at it, the score is the same, the difference is the same, and it always says it will next update in 1 day.

This is obviously not ideal, especially as credit tracking is one of the features I got Monzo Plus for.

Killing and restarting the app and logging out and in again don’t fix it, so it certainly appears to be something wrong on the server, API or credit service’s end.

Anyone else encountered this problem and, if so, worked out how to fix it?

Have you checked it against Credit Karma? They both use the same CRA (TransUnion).

Yeah the Credit Karma app is way better and will give useful alerts in real-time when searches are done. Its free to access your own data like it should be.

If it’s different to Monzo Plus then I would go on chat and report the issue.

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Credit Karma apparently cannot confirm my identity no matter how much data I throw at them, which seems wild given my existence is well documented and I’ve not moved house for nearly a decade.

That could potentially explain why the tracker in the Monzo app isn’t working, though less so why it used to work until a few months ago.

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You can order your credit record from TransUnion for free to check what information they have (which might help allow Credit Karma to confirm your identity).

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