TransUnion Missing Accounts

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I’ve been declined an overdraft from Monzo due to my credit score and was advised to check Noddle (now Credit Karma). I currently have 2 credit cards (Tesco Bank & Amex), an EE contract and a store card. Not one missed payment on any account :raised_hands:

None of these are on my Credit Karma credit report and so I basically have a blank report which is affecting my score with them, is anyone else having this issue?

Have you checked your addresses, dob and name on your transunion file are all up to date?

Did Monzo say it was due to your credit report that you were declined or are you assuming that based on the app not giving you the option?

The actual score CK give you is meaningless.

The Monzo giving overdrafts/loans is all over the place tbh, and they are being very cautious in lending atm.

Not everyone reports to every credit checking organisation. For example, Monzo (I think) only reports to Noddle, so you won’t see your Monzo accounts in Clearscore or Experian.

@rosie & @phildawson I think you may have misread what the OP is asking.

@hi_friend I would contact Credit Karma for advice.

My Credit Karma report looks complete (and includes both Amex and EE).

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My Amex is on my Credit Karma report, so I’d speak with them to make sure they have the correct info for you.

You could also speak to Credit Karma to make sure they haven’t missed something.

Yes he’s saying that due to his cards and EE not reporting to Credit Karma / TransUnion that he has no history so he thinks Monzo is not giving overdraft based on it. His Amex should be on there.

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Yeah they should all be on there hence my question to double check all personal data is correct and up to date with transunion. If it is then check this data matches what the companies have

Ah yes. I think it’s actually me who misread yours (and @Rosie’s) post.

Thanks everyone, it would seem that the accounts should be on there from what you’ve been saying!

I’ll get in contact with them and see what they say, my name, address and electoral information is all correct on the credit report, there are just no credit accounts at all :man_shrugging: