Credit card transfer


Can I transfer from my credit card to my Monzo card


Monzo is currently a prepaid card.
Monzo will become a debit card.
Monzo do not currently provide credit.
You can not transfer your debt/balance across
You can not top up your Monzo card with a credit card (only debit cards)

(Dan) #3

I couldn’t help but try and read that as a poem…

(Alex Sherwood) #4

I’m afraid it’s not an option -


I wasn’t sure if they meant transfering their balance or topping up. Either way it’s not possible


I’ve successfully done it using a credit card on android pay.

(Alex Sherwood) #7

That’s not supposed to be supported…


Indeed. But I’ve posted a screenshot in the past showing it worked.

It also didn’t show as a cash advance on my statement. Just a standard transaction.

(Emma Vanbrabant) #9

yeah, it depends how Stripe detects the card - it’s possible they recognise a credit card as a debit card in some situations, if that happens we can’t tell that it’s a credit card - so the transaction goes through