Merchant fees to Monzo

I would like to know why does monzo allows to top up the cards with our own debit card? This impplies that a merchant fee will be applied to monzo (issuer of the card) each time I top up the card. Why don’t they just allow bank transfer?

Thank you.

Are you talking about or using your Monzo card to top up another company’s prepaid card?

They do. Unless you mean international transfers?

I am refering to topping my monzo with another pre paid card. When I do that the issuer of my pre pay card charges a merchant fee to Monzo. So, it doesnt make sense to me that monzo allows their customers topping their balance with debit rather than a common transfer.

You mean via If you’re choosing to top up your account via, you’re using in a way it wasn’t designed for.

It’s intended for receiving payment from others in an alternative way to bank transfers.


You’re absolutely right, it would (and did) cost Monzo money every time somebody topped up by prepaid or debit card.

For that reason, Monzo no longer accepts top ups in this way as it was too expensive.

It was previously necessary for Monzo to allow topups by debit card because Monzo used to only issue prepaid cards; so there was no other means of loading cash. At the height of the prepaid era it was costing Monzo millions of pounds in topup fees.

Now Monzo is a fully licensed bank and can issue debit cards and current accounts there’s no longer the necessity to topup by card, as you can use bank transfer.

As others have mentioned, you can still achieve something similar with but it’s limited to £100.