How do I transfer

Hi, just got my Monzo and I’ve transferred money to my friend before with my visa debit before but I can’t seem to do it on my account. Anyone know why?


I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do? You’ve just created a Monzo account and you want to transfer money to your friend?

If you’re trying to pay someone with your Monzo account just go to payments and click the send via bank transfer button at the top

Are you trying to transfer via

That’s the ‘instantly pay friends’ option

Hi thanks all, what I’m trying to do is transfer money to my Monzo by using a visa debit number.

Hi, I’m trying to transfer money using a visa debit number. My friend can do it

I think you are talking about top-ups. Topping up your Monzo account with your another banks debit card.

Top-ups for new customers were closed a few months back. New customers can only transfer through a faster payment from their non-Monzo account using your Monzo account number and sort code.

Old customers still have the top-up feature for now so that is why your friend has this option.


AML KYC in 3…2…1 :eyes::joy:


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