Android Pay 2

(Alex Sherwood) #21

I had to ask @jakeoliver to help me answer this :raised_hands:

The recipient’s name is the name of the merchant that Monzo set up to receive these payments MONZOME -

(Oliver Ford) #22

Cheers @alexs, bit of a shame it doesn’t tie up ‘Monzo-side’ so it can be listed as the user, but maybe that can follow. :+1:

(Marcus Nailor) #23

Boom!! :boom: here we go… Android Pay topup in app, just dropped for the beta channel on Android :grin: I can’t upload pictures on mobile? But it’s here :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #24

You can :heart_eyes:

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This means you can now use a credit card to top up (just tried it). Is this the intention? Does this cost even more for Monzo to process, and does it go onto your credit card statement as a cash advance?

(Emma Guy) #26

If you have a credit card added to Android Pay yes, you can see it in the list (there’s no way for us to tell AP to only show debit cards). But if you try to top up with it, it won’t work :slight_smile:

Credit card transfer
(Marcus Nailor) #27

I feel like a noob :wink: I clicked that the first time and it acted like a post save button? But woohoo it worked this time, thanks @alexs!

Android pay changelog & Screenshot of in app button :blush::money_with_wings:


It worked on mine. See image, and my balance in the Monzo app has increased by that £10 too.

Launching Android Pay Top Ups!
(Mike Fuller) #29

Have just downloaded the latest beta which gives the option to top up via AndroidPay. This is a great feature but normally I can only top up with a debit card. I have credit cards registered with AndroidPay. If I top up with a credit card will this be treated as a credit card purchase or as a cash advance? Don’t particularly want to pay a cash advance fee on the top up so clarification from Monzo would be appreciated please.

Thanks in advance.


Very handy! It’s even more annoying that Barclays don’t support Android Pay now.

(Jonny Crabbe) #31

Hey, Emma mentioned above that they have no way of telling until the top up with CC is attempted. I just tried to and got the following (error message in orange at the bottom)

(Carl Barrett) #32

Is there a limit to how much we can top up using android pay in app? I’ve tried twice with amounts over £100 and they were both declined.

(Rika Raybould) #33

Related but has anybody had success with any transactions above £100 using Android Pay?

I was told last year by a Google employee at an I/O Extended that Android Pay topped out at £100 due to various banking insurance reasons. Some trusted sources seem to back that up but I haven’t attempted it in practice.

From what I’ve tested and heard, £0–30 requires no PIN when used contactlessly, £30–100 contactlessly and £0–100 in-app/web requires device authorisation. Nothing above £100 works?

It would seem strange (but entirely understandable at a technical and risk level) for Android Pay to have these low limits when Apple Pay will max out at the full merchant floor, or card limits.


I too had heard about the £100 limit at an InsurTech meeting.

As for the £30 contactless limit it is worth clarifying this is just the limit when used in GB and Northern Ireland. In some European countries the limit is €30, €20 or even €10 (the latter meaning you often resourt to pin when in UK it would not have been needed)

(Rika Raybould) #35

Oh yes, this is just the regular terminal/network/etc. limit for no-CVM (Cardholder Verification Method) contactless, authenticating with the device provides the extra verification using CDCVM (Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method).

(Carl Barrett) #36

In that case I’ll stick to the good old fashioned debit card as I typically top up more than £100.

(Emma Guy) #37

What bank is the card you’re trying to top up with from? It’s possible they enforce some restrictions.

We just tested this internally, topped up £150 successfully from a Nationwide one.

(Jake Oliver) #38

I have the same issue with NatWest. Tried topping up £300 and got a declined message

(Carl Barrett) #39

Halifax. I’ve yet to use android pay for another in app/web purchase so unsure if a limit is affecting it.

(Josh Bray) #40

I’ve tried to top up with android pay with my Halifax debit card and it fails everytime. Normal topup with the same card goes through fine.