Create IFTTT Weekly Savings Digest

Hello, I don’t like saving money everyday, it just create ‘clutter’ in the bank statement. I would like to suggest a saving strategy with or without IFTTT when the amount determined to be saved is totalled and moved to a pot once per week.

As an example - applets such as saving money based on the weather for the day or the “save the date” idea, and perhaps the rounded up total - should be added to a savings digest to be moved to a pot at the end of the week. This would work in the same way as the IFTTT Email Digest applets, but with the additional steps of totaling the daily saved amount and moving it to a pot. If the additional steps aren’t possible, then can I get an email digest of the daily saved amounts so as to manually transfer the amount?

Below are a couple of similar posts from back in 2016, I think it’s time to have another look at the weekly saving idea:

I wouldn’t be interested in this, not going to lie.

Why not save up using Oval Money or someone like that if you like a once a week withdrawal.

Why reply if you’re not interested? I know some people are, and Oval Money doesn’t work with IFTTT. Your comment however does make me interested in restarting with Oval Money, but there’s another problem, Oval Money doesn’t support Monzo, at least not for calculated savings.

Thread will be come an echo chamber if only people interested comment? Will look like there’s increased demand when there isn’t?

Shame about Oval Money, it’s the perfect solution for you. You should ask them to crack on with support, Monzo has an API.

Am I reading this correctly?

If I have 5 daily IFTTT ‘savings’ they’d only show at the end of the week in a single (totalled) transaction?

Is your idea just to minimise the notifications in your feed?

sounds like it to me, and personally, a feature I would love to be able to show/hide pot transactions in the feed.

I don’t want to see them at all but could understand why people would, but they just take over sometimes

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