Great ideas for small saving in pots?

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I’ve been having so much luck with little savings features like the coin jar/round up feature on Monzo (currently have £67 in there) & the Chip saving app (currently have £105 in there). I seem to get along way better with saving when there’s a fun reason to move money away - rather than just lumping a large sum for the month in a different account.

I came across a comment that someone posted about using the pots as an ‘efficiency’pot (sorry, don’t remember the thread or the user!) but they said that any money they save on discounts or money off buying something, they’ll put in the jar- so like if they got a discount on their Sky bill - they’ll put the difference in a pot. Or if their car insurance was £10 a month cheaper than last year, they’ll put the £10 a month saving in a jar.

I thought that was a great idea and wondered if anyone else also had any other ideas on using the pots?

I’m currently using an IFTTT applet that moves the number of days in pence, into a pot, daily. It’s called the 1p saving challenge. It’s a great way to save up and after starting it a few months ago, I’ve already got a good amount that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

More info about Monzo and IFTTT at:


The 1p a day savings challenge was excellent. I managed to save about £350 this year before it got a bit too much coming out a day and I had to turn it off. This money would otherwise just have been wasted. I’m absolutley going to do it again next year, see if I can make it past October 1st…

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December is going to be brutal!
There’s also a reverse version of it that does days left in the year, which may suit some better.

Might spend some of the 2019 going up and then the rest of the year going down then. See what happens!

I’ve heard of this! Might set it up. Seems like an easy way to save a little without realising it.

Also just switches to Monzo so gonna use it as my main account and realised that Chip doesn’t work with it so that’s a bummer. I don’t have Facebook to use Plum so yeah that’s annoying.

On the plus side, all your money contained within Monzo is FSCS protected, whereas some of these external saving services aren’t.

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