More dynamic pots

So I’ve started using the “POTS” feature on Monzo to start up a holiday fund and i like the way you can set it to round up spending, however i think it would be great to have more options here.

I know you can go through IFTTTS and get the whole pound a day algorithm thing going but wouldn’t it be easier if it was just available as an option through the app? It seems like quite a long winded and tedious workaround.

I would like the option to automatically take either a set amount of money out of my main account, or a percentage of my total balance, and funnel it into my locked savings pot.

I like the idea of being able to see it grow day by day, maybe even have a plant :herb: on the icon that grows into a full blown tree once you’ve hit your savings goal.

Feel free to comment and add any other suggestions below

You can do a lot of it in the app.

Click on the pot you want to play with an press the add to button. Then hit ‘set scheduled deposit’ and fill out how you wish.

IFTTT is a lot smarter then you’re giving it credit for and it’s certainly not long-winded or tedious. It allows you to add smarts and logic to your bank account to create a whole host of ways to help you save beyond a scheduled deposit. It also allows you to connect apps together such as the weather and Monzo.

‘Save me a pound when it rains’

Or to put money in a pot when you spend at Skybet.

‘Put £2 into the gambling is bad pot when I spend at Skybet.’

Whilst I agree roundups could be iterated on to create more pot features IFTTT deserves more credit then to be called a workaround.


This already exists and I use scheduled deposits for quite a few pots to pop in money regularly, particularly for my holiday pot (29 days to New York!!).

And once you’ve got IFTTT set up it’s pretty easy, admittedly I’ve been using IFTTT for years for other stuff.

I would like to see a few more ‘easy’ options for updating pots though, things like ‘at the end of the month take whatever is left and put it in a Pot’ kinda thing, but that would need to be customisable (some people will want it weekly I’m sure).

Beyond that I’m struggling for what other options I’d like to add for dynamism… a multiplier on roundups maybe? There is a lot of chat in the forums on this already too.

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Thanks your feedback guys! Tbf i did take a deeper look at IFTTT after i wrote this and i do agree with it being pretty intuitive.

I think my initial apprehension with using it was that it’s a 3rd party app (I don’t like the idea of an “outside” app having access to and manipulating my finances) plus it just seemed like a complicated process for something that could be done within the Monzo app itself when setting up a pot.

However i did take a punt yesterday and decided to give it a go - not disappointed! I like the rainy weather savings, also the location based one (treat yourself whenever you go to the gym).

I still think be Monzo customers will be happier and less apprehensive if they could fully customise their pots through the app but overall, after getting over the initial apprehension of using IFTTT, I found the service to be pretty good.