Keeping that Budget on track

(Joshua Mason) #1

More of a dreamer than a programmer.

I’ve sent a weekly budget to be paid into my Monzo account every week, what would be great would be if anything left over from the week before could be moved into my savings pot.


Every Monday £200 is paid into the main account.
At the end of the week you have £50 left.
On Monday another £200 is paid into the account.
If the applet could check is the balance is greater than £200, and if so:
Move (Balance - 200) into my savings account.
Moving the £50 into savings and thus leaving you with the £200 for the next week!

A cool way to save and budget!

(Simon B) #2

I like that idea. Like a weekly sweep? How would that work with upcoming bills, Direct Debits etc?


I really want a method where I can automatically sweep whatever’s left in my account on payday over to my savings pot

(Joshua Mason) #4

Exactly that! Pretty much a sweep at the end of each week/month/day before payday etc.

When Direct Debits are integrated you could draw money from a “Bills” pot to match when a payment is made that to certain companies/direct debits. In the meantime just a general rule that IFTTT does now. So when a payment is made to “Vodafone” move X amount from Bills to main account. Not a perfect workaround but a start.

Currently I budget my bills into my weekly and monthly spend. I Like the idea of a monthly sweep by Glasgow!


I was hoping I could hack IFTTT to do this, but apart from needing some pretty specific actions, you’d also need two triggers (if “date” and if “balance larger than x”) so not for the moment!