Split budgeting

Apologies it there is already a way to do this but I was wondering if there was a way to split my budget up into chunks for a month.

So once I have worked out the money I have for the month I would like to take that money and put it into weekly spending pots (like Friday to Thursday) -covering the month (so 4/5 pots - one pot could have a little less etc.) But that weekly pot is the only money that can be spent in that week. (of course you could build in an option to override in an emergency and allocate from future pots). So it sort of takes a monthly salary and converts it into a weekly salary.

If there were money left over in a week - it could be added to a savings pot or rolled into the next weeks spending pot.

Not sure if that is a good description but basically I want to take the monthly grocery + living expenses and split them down to weekly pots (or whatever size suits your budgeting needs.)

Put all your money into one pot and setup a weekly pot transfer into your main account?

I think I get what you are saying. Here’s what I’ve started doing.

I have a monthly budget for my food shop and it goes into it’s own pot. I use IFTTT to move it automatically out of the pot if I spend money on a groceries transaction.

I have a pot for which holds all my monthly expenditure and every Friday I have it set up to move money out of the pot and to my card.

I guess you could do something similar but also set a food shop amount to move to the food shop pot every week?

I think the ideas from others cover anything else I could add.

But hopefully improved customisation of budgeting options in Monzo will be added, specifically the ability to set a weekly budget (for those of us who are paid weekly!) which you could then leverage too.