Auto-transfer to savings at the end of the week

(Sam) #1


Sunday rolls around and I have twenty three pounds left in my account, which is great because it means I beat my budget.

What I currently do is leave it in there, put it the next week’s budget on top and spend it all. Or sometimes transfer in the next week’s budget less my remainder, but at the end of the month just spend it anyway.

The point is it all eventually gets spent, bouncing between my current account and Mondo.

What would be great is what I think a bank in NZ does for their customers - you can specify a date / recurring time period, and every time it triggers either a set amount or your entire balance is transferred into a savings account, nice and safe.



First direct have offered this sweep function for years. I used to use it regularly when their savings accounts actually paid a worthwhile amount of interest (regular saver excepted)

(Elliot) #3

In the same boat, this function would be so useful