Easy way to save pounds weekly

I was thinking today about how to save more money and make easier and not noticeable.

So my idea is probably been done before but I would like to see this option on Monzo. Maybe even do poll to see how widely popular it would be.

So my idea to save pounds weekly would be to round all payments up to the nearest £ and place the extra pennies into a savings/investment account. An example of this would be purchasing something at £7.50 but the payment from monzo would be £8. £7.50 for the purchase and £0.50 for the savings account. Always rounding up to the next £.

Do this 30 time a week at £7.50 + £0.50 would allow you to save £15 a week and £60 a month with out it being to noticeable.

Thoughts please

if you search “rounding up” in the search box you will find previous discussions on this

Yes, I love these kind of little behavioural tools to help people improve their finances.

These guys recently launched - https://www.moneyboxapp.com