Couple questions that I have regarding Monzo

I turn 18 in August and I’m going away to Lanzarote in October with my girlfriend. After reading about Monzo, I’ve kept it bookmarked for the moment I turn 18 so I can immediately top up so its ready to go in October. However, I have a couple questions regarding Monzo and how it works.

  • I’m currently a Natwest customer, so I’m guessing I can just transfer money directly from my bank to Monzo, or will I have to run it through PayPal for example?
  • Will I be able to pay friends and family through the Monzo app if they don’t have a Monzo card?
  • Is there a set limit to top up the card each time? I think I read somewhere I have to top up £100 minimum but not 100% certain on it.
  • Once Monzo have current accounts etc. Will I be able to drop Natwest and use Monzo as my primary bank for everything I do on a day to day basis?

Although I haven’t actually got an account yet, I’m really looking forward to signing up and purchasing a card and using it abroad.


Welcome to the community Harvey :wave:

Yes you’ll be able to top up your Monzo account from your bank card or by bank transfer / standing order.

Unfortunately this won’t be possible until the current accounts launch.

You only have to top up £100 when you first order the card, after that, the minimum top up by card is £10 but you can use a bank transfer to top up smaller / more precise amounts.

Yes you will, it’ll have all of the standard bank account functionality that you use with a bank like Natwest :tada:

I’ve put together a list of the functionality that’ll be available here -


Just to add, having been to Lanzarote a few weeks ago, Monzo worked great!


That’s great to hear, was a bit cautious at first but glad someone’s given me proof now that I don’t need to worry about it not working. Do they have a lot of contactless readers or did you just use chip and pin/swipe?

Sweet! Thanks for clearing that up for me, very quickly too!
Can’t wait for the app to progress further to current accounts!

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It’d be great if you could create a Monzo in Lanzarote topic, to share your tips with other users :raised_hands:


Yes. While there is the “Monzo in Spain [Wiki]” the “Monzo in Spain [Discussion]” thead has not yet beeb created