Faster Payments

(Mike) #1

Yo Mondo,

Any news on timelines on Faster Payments capability? I’m assuming, once it’s on, it will be part of the API?

Be interesting to hear what the challenges are around that.


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(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey Mike,
As far as I understand it, Faster Payments is unlikely/can’t happen until we get our banking license (hopefully) next year. I imagine that would be a part of the API but am not the expert! Maybe @tom or @jonas will have a better answer :slight_smile:

(tom) #3

I guess we’re talking about making outbound Faster Payments? You can already receive an inbound Faster Payment the details on the Top-Up screen in your app.

We’d like to add Faster Payments and Direct Debit functionality to your account - probably some time in the first half of 2016. Each Mondo card will come with a unique account number and sort-code.

As for API access, that’s a slightly trickier question. In particular, we’ll need to look at adding multi-step confirmation or relatively strict limits to outbound payments. The danger is that a developer goes rogue and empties people’s accounts instantly. For example, we might ask for in-app confirmation - “Your accountant wants to move £3,000. Do you agree?”

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(Mike) #4

Yeah I did mean outbound. Is the banking license a prerequisite for Faster Payments?

Perhaps there’s a way to use OAuth scopes for third parties to negotiate with customers access to make payments for amounts split into bands ie. < £20, < £100, > £100, etc?

(Tristan Thomas) #5

Faster Payments will definitely be in current account launch :slight_smile: As will Increased limits (of some type). I’m pretty sure cashback will be supported too by virtue of it being a debit card but @rdingwall can confirm.

I haven’t read all of these properly yet so don’t take me not mentioning them as a sign!

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(Alex Sherwood) #6

I’ve just moved Tristan’s post here (he was causing technical difficulties :eyes:)

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(Richard Dingwall ) #7

That’s correct - we’re working hard to make sure our Monzo debit cards support everything that is technically possible with a debit card :slightly_smiling_face: (including a few cool surprises!)

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(Marta) #8

Please do tell! I know that if it was official, Monzo would share it already, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

(Andy Little) #9

In app confirmation sounds perfect.

Perhaps also trusted accounts? For example 12-34-56, 12345678 is my ISA, always allow money to move to it.

(Richard Dingwall ) #10

As soon as we can :slight_smile: :soon:

(Marta) #11

Damn, clever plan to use cute cat didn’t work. :crying_cat_face:
I understand though!

(James Billingham) #12

@tristan @rdingwall Just to confirm - if a bank account doesn’t support receiving money by FPS, will Monzo support transfer to that account via BACS at launch?

(Richard Dingwall ) #13

We will support BACS, Chaps and FPS at launch.

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