Paying money to a bank accout

Hi guys,

Received my Monzo card over the weekend - loving it so far!!

One thing i’m struggling to figure out - how do I transfer money to another Bank Account?

Transferring to another Monzo acc was easy enough, but cant find an option to put in peoples bank account details.

TIA, sorry if this is a duplicate thread -I’m new to the site.

Hey Daniel!

At the moment, it’s not possible to transfer money to another account from your Monzo card.

You can send money to other Monzo users via your p2p contacts or url but apart from that, on our pre paid cards there’s no way to transfer to another account other than withdrawing cash and paying it in elsewhere.

This won’t be the case with our debit cards/ current accounts!


Ah no problem, I’ll draw the cash out then! (just being lazy!)

Looking forward to hearing more about the current and debit accounts (already prefer this service to my existing bank!)


To make sure my “main account” (although I use it mainly to feed money to Monzo / our joint account) never runs too low I tend to top up in £200 lumps as and when I need to.
Sometimes I realise I can’t pay for petrol with what I have on and top up on the walk from the car to the till, topups are so quick that’s never a problem.


I’ve just topped up from my debit card, payment was instant.

Thing is, i bet it’s going to take about four days to come out of my actual bank, it’s that slow*!!

*my bank, not monzo

That would match my experience.

If you want to be able to keep track of which topups have come out of your “legacy” bank account I’d make each value slightly different, that way you know exactly which topup on Monzo relates to which debit in your other bank.

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Cheers Andy, I’ve taken to labelling each withdrawal so can monitor where the cash goes :slight_smile:

If you are topping up from different banks using a debit card it is unfortunate that the app is so rigid and will not permit free text entry of any amount but instead forces you to use a round amount. Must have been designed by someone who still has an old bank mentality!

Lol I haven’t met anyone who fits that description at Monzo, have you?

This is why the app’s been designed that way -

It was a joke…not met a single person there like that.

As for being OCD there are many of us that would like to top up a non round amount in order to make our account a round amount. Particularly if say you want to start a budgeting period with say 250.00 instead of 246.75 or 254.25 or something


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