So you have to top up £100.00?

(Leon) #1

I was speaking with someone from customer services and he told me that in order to be sent a card I would have to top up £100.00 before I receive my card. Surely that’s wrong?

The long explanation is I somehow managed to go into the activation part of Monzo from the Android app and go all the way to the top up screen. I added my name and address and DOB but I now can’t move from the above screen. He told me to uninstall and reinstall the app but I am still stuck at the same spot then he tells me it’s because I need to pay the £100.00 pound before I get the card? Huh?

(Rika Raybould) #3

I don’t know what situation you’ve ended up in with the Android app but a £100 topup is indeed required and has been since the beginning (though has very previously been different amounts).

It helps to make sure that the limited supply of cards are being sent to people who plan to use them and to give you a starting balance to spend as soon as you receive the card.

(Leon) #4

So in another words top up! Thanks for clearing things up for me. I guess I’ll be topping up then.

(Tom ) #5

Yep. As you said - Top up. Delete thread?

(Leon) #6

Nah don’t delete it. You can however close it.

(Leon) #7

How long did it take from initial top up to receiving your card?

(Josh Bray) #8

Atm you can’t order a card as a new customer on android yet. This should be available mid to late September

(Leon) #9

That’s what I thought surely they will send you a card first or does the opposite still apply?

(Josh Bray) #10

The android app doesn’t currently allow you to top up without your card in your hand. If for some reason you’ve managed to do that please contact

(Leon) #11

Nah I have not done that! Weird how customer services are telling me to do just that though. Can you post images on here if so how?

(Josh Bray) #12

The customer service probably presume you are on IOS.
You have to have a card to use it on android.
I managed to get mine after meeting @bailey

(Leon) #13

Yeah I remember you saying. :slight_smile: I explained I was on Android and the guy I was talking to even cracked a joke about me activating the app by accident. So I don’t know.