Money transfer issues

(Mary Baldwin) #1

I transferred £200 from my natwest to Monzo account but according to Monzo, I have £0 on my monzo account. Just wondering if the money would transfer at a later time coz I wouldn’t want to lose £200 so soon after using this app


I can only assume you have very recently done this, and when you say transferred you do mean a transfer? If both cases are true, you can expect to see your mondy around 10/11 am today. As far as I am award, bank transfers are all sorted manually.

I hope this helps. If you don’t see it come midday, I would use the in-app chat support and enquire there.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

I’d recommend topping up using your Natwest card next time you want to transfer funds too, as that payment will arrive in your Monzo account straight away.

(Mary Baldwin) #5

Thank you for the advice, I really do appreciate it!

(Rumee Ahmed) #6

If you are on iOS you should consider topping up via Pay. It’s usually instant for me.