Continuous payment authority

How do I stop continuous payment aurthorsation on my Monzo card ?

Ask the company you subscribed to to cancel

If you can’t get hold of them then contact Monzo in app help

We can block it for you :slightly_smiling_face: Just contact us from the in-app chat and we’ll take a look :+1:

Of course, it might be better to contact the company too so they don’t keep chasing you for the payment.


Do remember that cancelling a Continuous Payment Authority or a Direct Debit does not itself cancel any contracts or obligations to pay.

As @HughWells said, the company can keep chasing you for payment and in some cases can send debt collectors, so make an effort to resolve it with them first!


Hi I have tried however due to Covid 19 cant get through to these companies so need it cancelling from monzo end please for some reason I cant access in-app chat

Select one of the payments in question. Scroll to the bottom. Select: ‘Something wrong?’. Select ‘I can’t find what I’m looking for’ (at the bottom) or ‘Question this payment’.

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There’s a report fraud link instead of clicking ‘I can’t find what I’m looking for’ :slight_smile:. This should pass all the transaction information to help get the issue resolved quicker.

Remember that a ‘Continuous Payment Authority’ isn’t actually ‘a thing’ so Monzo (or any bank) won’t have any visibility of it. It’s just a record of your permission to charge the card that the merchant keeps.

As a result, it can’t be ‘cancelled’ by the bank as such. What they can do is block all future payments to the merchant. It’s a bit of a sledge-hammer cracking a nut situation but it’s your only real option if you really can’t cancel the payment ‘properly’.

The first thing the merchant will know about it is when a payment is declined so, if they’re a legitimate business, expect them to chase you for a while to find out why.


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