Cancel Flex payment authority

TLDR: I used my Flex card to pay for an order from a company who turned out to be a bunch of scammers. They refunded my money a month ago, but they’ve just taken it again. How can I remove their authority to charge my card?


Just over a month ago, I used my Flex card to order something over the internet from a company I had never dealt with before. The order was for $9.99 - which turned up in my Flex account as £7.99.

A couple of days later, they charged me another £38. I emailed them to query it and they told me I had signed up for a monthly subscription to their shoppers’ membership scheme. It turns out that was buried deep in their T&Cs. I asked them to cancel the membership and refund the money. They replied saying they had cancelled the membership, but ignoring the request for a refund.

On further investigation, I discovered they are well-known for tactics like this. So I asked them to also cancel my order and refund the money. This was also ignored, so I raised disputes on both transactions through Monzo a couple of days later. Eventually, I got the money back and I thought the problem was solved.

This morning, I see that they have, over the last few days, taken both the order payment and the monthly subscription again. I’ve raised disputes with Monzo again and emailed the company asking them to explain themselves. I expect Monzo to get me a refund and my emails to be ignored.

But, obviously, I no longer trust this company at all. Even if I get my money back a second time, I fully expect them to to charge me again next month. I realise that I should have used a virtual card for this transaction, but is there any way I can remove their permission to charge my card?

Or do I just have to cancel my card?



Ask monzo to cancel the continuous payment authority on the card, just replacing it means CPAs can carry over and the problem won’t be resolved.

You’d have to raise a chargeback with monzo for the funds taken as you’d cancelled the agreement with them previously.

That’s great advice, thanks.

But I can’t find a way to chat with support through the app. Selecting “help” just gets me to a screen where I can search the database of support articles - none of which help me. How do I just get to a chat with a support agent?


Update: I’m not entirely sure how I managed it, but I’ve got into a chat session now. I’m sure that used to be far easier!

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From your phone: Click here to contact Monzo Support