Cancelling a recurring payment

I’ve signed up to a payment scheme of £20 a month, and nothing shows up in my “Scheduled payments” section. I thought it was a one off payment, turns out it’s per month and I can’t cancel it through the same link as I payed for it, nor can I cancel it on the app, an I can’t even find an email or phone number to speak to someone direct. If anyone has had this happen to them or just so happens to know how I can cancel this that would be fantastic. Thank you

If it’s a card payment (ie not direct debit) your best bet is to find out how to cancel on their site.
Or if you don’t plan to shop at that merchant again, you could block it (I can’t remember how to do that from the app…)

MSE has a good section on continuous payments and cancelling them if it’s one of them you have.

It was a one off payment and the site doesn’t have a section to cancel, the link you sent me has helped, will have to contact monzo

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It was a forex trading site incase anyone comes in contact with it

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