How to block a merchant

How do I block a merchant from taking payment from me?


If it’s a card payment (CPA – Continuous Payment Authority) then you can’t do it yourself. You’d need to ask Monzo to do so (and they have to do it if you ask).

If you pay by Direct Debit, you can cancel it yourself in app.

In either case you must be mindful of any contractual obligations you have towards the merchant (for instance if you agreed to pay for a yearly gym membership in 12 instalments) which could have repercussions for you.

Have you tried to speak to the merchant to stop payments from their end?


You could tell the merchant not to.

They can ask the business themselves, the business needs to stop taking payments on request, so the customer needs to ask them and understand their complications for doing so (if any).

The customer can also ask monzo as a second thought, and as a bank monzo must stop them taking payments going forward.

This doesn’t 100% mean a business can’t take funds again IE if they trade under different business names, they can still take payments under the other names.

So in summary, OP needs to speak to whoever the business is to ask them to stop first, as it could be contractual payments IE a loan as you touch on above.

Most company websites will let you log in and cancel your subscriptions.

If a payment is currently pending IE taken in the last day or two, it can’t be blocked until the current payment has settled

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