Over payment

I have a continuous payment that is coming out and it is way too much, can anyone support on this?

I think you need to contact the company who are taking the payment from you.

However, you can contact Monzo through the app. Go to the help section and search for ‘contacting support’, then touch the link in the article.

Is it a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA/recurring card payment like Netflix) or a direct debit?

If it hasn’t been taken yet and you can see it upcoming in your feed, I suspect it would be a Direct Debit.

You should always try to cancel/sort out both Direct Debits and CPAs with the company that set them up to avoid liability for any debts incurred as a result of non-payment.

However, as a last resort, if you are certain you aren’t liable for payment, you can cancel Direct Debits yourself too in app; and under the card issuer agreement, the bank has to cancel CPAs if requested by the consumer.

If it is a Direct Debit and not a CPA, you have more protections offered by the Direct Debit Guarantee

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With reference to the searching the contact support I have had for the last week a chat with us option at the bottom of the help section


Ooh. Must be A/B testing, as I don’t.


Neither do I

I’ve had it for months – essentially since the removed chat fiasco started kicking off

Nor me. Android

I never lost mine and its a big coloured button still too.

Anyway back on topic… when I had an erroneous £9k direct debit due to leave my account Monzo advised that I speak to the company claiming it first.

So as others have already mentioned, this should be your first port of call :slightly_smiling_face:

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Monzo do not like to cancel a CPA from their side but you are within your rights to ask Monzo not to allow the deduction to be taken from your account and to cancel the CPA.

Monzo can ask you to speak to the merchant first, but Monzo must act on a direct instruction when requested by the customer. If not, then you can submit a complaint and you will easily win if this Financial Ombudsman article on the regulations is accurate.

A customer should be able to cancel a CPA by contacting the merchant or the card provider.

According to the Payment Services Regulations, if a customer asks you [the card provider] to cancel their CPA, you must honour this request. If any further payments are made after their request to cancel, these are unauthorised and you must refund them to the customer.

We recognise that it can be difficult to stop a CPA – but you [the card provider] shouldn’t hold the customer liable because of this. We recommend that you find a solution that won’t disadvantage them. For example, you could monitor their account and refund any further payments from a cancelled CPA. You can then recover the money from the merchant in your own time.

It’s the inconsistency of the button that really gets me. It makes it very difficult to advise folk - and kinda implies that Monzo are tiering their customer base into those who deserve easily accessible support and those that don’t. I don’t think it’s defensible, I’m afraid.


I now have the chat with us option back too!

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I don’t yet have the chat button
I don’t yet have graphs in Trends
I don’t yet have parity with iOS and android
I don’t yet have parity with Joint account and Personal account

“I don’t yet have…”

Yup, all about me :smile:


I have a continuous payment that I have tried to stop on a number of occasions but the payment is still coming out?!?!

What did the company say when you contacted them?

This is not true. We have a process for this :blush:

We can block a merchant, but some companies also trade by different names or similar names which allows them to attempt to take the funds again, this is beyond our control.

Even blocking a merchant, you may still see the attempted notification coming through; though it should decline, with no funds taken (if the above isn’t utilised).

Monzo must act straight away if requested by a customer and that has not always happened in the past. That was the reason for my detailed response above, not just the small part of the post you quoted.

I’m glad Monzo have moved on and hopefully now deals with it promptly. If not, then my whole post is a good reference for a complaint.

Without seeing the chat it’s hard to gauge what happened, but we do review our processes regularly and, personally, I tend to ask the customer to speak to the merchant too (after blocking) as they’re trying to collect funds for something in most cases, legitimately.