Contactless over £30

(Jack) #144

I’m fairly sure I’ve spent more than £30 with Apple Pay there.

(Andy) #145

Same here. Their self scans also display the ApplePay logo so if they don’t they are in breach of Apple rules around usage of the logo

(Andy) #146

Costco in Sheffield now have Contactless and paid £50 last night and spent £250 on apple pay at the weekend in Harrisons Photo in Sheffield.

Think the upper limit on Apple Pay is around £10K

It all depends on if the store has a floor limit on contactless transactions, and how risk averse they are…

(Andy) #147

There’s a wiki post that can be edited that collects retailers supporting over £30 contactless payments

(Simmy) #148

Been mentioned already but thanks mate, i have added to the list

(Simmy) #149

Been to Lidl this morning, they accept Apple Pay over £30 :+1:

(Tom is my hero. Not that one. ) #150

(Peter Shillito) #151

It’s been established multiple times now that Asda don’t take mobile payments above £30. Has anybody actually asked them why? Is this a conscious policy or just that they can’t be bothered to make the change on their systems? Is it worth contacting them en masse to try and get it changed?

(Ben Talbot) #152

Probably because their counterpart in the US has an app like Tesco’s Pay+ and intends on bringing it over here and trying to force customers to use their own proprietary app :frowning:

(Simmy) #153

" Decathlon " a clothing shop. also accepts over £30

(Allie) #154

Exactly, worst case you’ll be prompted to insert. But, and I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve heard from people who’d know that online PIN support is getting far more common here recently.

(Simmy) #155

As mentioned above, the best way to tell is ask to pay via card and if the machine shows the contactless symbol then its good to go

(Allie) #156

This tells you it’s ready to accept some kind of contactless but not necessarily that your transaction will work. CDCVM on Mastercard or Visa is very likely to work at this point (I’ve never seen it not). CDCVM on Amex or online PIN/signature on any network are more mixed bags.

(Katrina) #157

Do TfL support Apple Pay > £30? At the ticket gates, the daily cap will be less than £30, the highest you could possibly be charged in a day is £29.60, so it is not an issue. At the ticket machines, if you are buying a season ticket for your Oyster, as far as I’m aware, they don’t take contactless at all.

(Simmy) #158

Don’t live in London so wouldn’t know, sorry

(Mat Jarosz) #159

Nope, Sainsbury’s 100% accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay over £30.
Source: Work for Sainsbury’s

(Allie) #160

Yup, chances are someone confused it with a ticket machine that tops up Oyster ran by a train operating company… many of those do take contactless (though some only take Visa, unless this has been fixed).

(Simmy) #161

Great. thanks :+1:


So I just used my card cobctactless for a transaction of £35 and no requirement for signature, pin or anything else? I thought the limit was £30??

(Andy) #163

if you paid with apple pay or google pay it can be limitless if the terminal has been upgraded. If it was physical card then shouldn’t be possible unless it’s a misconfigured terminal