Increase in contactless payment limit

With the Chancellor announcing that there will be an increase from £45 to £100 for the contactless payment limit, will Monzo be allowing us to select what that limit is? Personally I don’t want such a high limit for personal spending reasons rather than security

i think the banks should give customers the option to keep to set your own limit up to £100

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I’m not sure that customers can answer this.

Does the additional friction of Chip and Pin really stop you buying things, though?

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But nothing really changes. If you lose your card and I find it before you realise, I can spend upto £100 (depending on where you are in the limits currently) in one go.

As it currently is, I can spend £33, £33 & £33. Again, depending on where you currently are in your limits.

If you’re awake/next to your phone, you can maybe see the notification and do something about it in the second scenario, but if they are seconds apart, it’s not always that simple.

You can add your card to Google or Apple pay and some places have no limit on contactless payments.

I wonder how easy it would be to add a stolen card to my wallet? :thinking:

Two factor authentication should eliminate this possibility. All Apple Pay cards (and I assume likewise for Google Play) have to be authenticated via the bank’s app, via SMS or via phone call.

Wonder if the local Asda will finally lift their £30 limit.


To be clear, when a fraudster uses someone else’s card, the victim of the crime is the bank, not the account holder. Ergo, it’s not actually your money the fraudster is spending, it’s the bank’s money.

Any balance deducted from your account will be put back, and you won’t be charged for an overdraft, or missed bills.

Why are people worried about this? The appropriate checks are in place at the banks, to make sure you don’t lose out.

Alternately, many banks allow you to block specific uses of a card, like contactless, or only allow use of the Apple Pay card whilst keeping the physical card locked.


If only I had these magical options on my Monzo card :sweat_smile:


There must be things about Monzo which outweigh this lack of feature though, surely? Or why would you stick with it?

If your that worried only carry a credit card you pay in full as its never your money or just stop carrying your card and use google or apple pay.

It’s still safer than £100 in cash as you would get a refund of anything that was not you if it was stolen. (Banks have to prove it was you to deny a refund)

TLDR F pin numbers if we had no SCA this would be even better.

The phone tracks your location wouldn’t risk it for a chocolate biscuit Ordog lol not worth it for 100 squid.

I pretty much keep my balance on my main account at slightly above £0, I use my pots to hold my money and transfer it over if/when needed. I think that this would prevent and chance of the contactless card payment theft you talk of.

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