Contactless over £30

(Allie) #164

The merchant is accepting the risk if they allowed that with no CVM (or with signature since Monzo has online PIN above signature in the CVM list). What does the receipt show for CVM?


It wasn’t Apple pay, it was my physical card that I used. Receipt doesn’t say anything, it was for a show ticket, the receipt stub part doesn’t say anything about card payment or details at all

(Andy) #166

Sounds like a wrongly configured terminal. As previous the merchant takes the risk on this one

(Mo) #167

I’m not sure it is regulation. It’s decided by stores themselves I think. In my experience so far, my max limit using contactless via my card is £30 but if I use the same card from within Google Pay, I can normally spend more using my phone’s contactless function, although it varies store to store. I’ve been in some that apply the same limit to both and others that don’t

(Allie) #168

My bet is it ran as signature, since the terminal didn’t support online PIN, and since collecting a signature will only protect you in limited circumstances (card prefers signature - e.g. US and Hong Kong cards mostly, plus some for disabled people), they didn’t bother. Could have been something else, of course. Just my bet :slight_smile: A card machine receipt would help here :slight_smile:

Who’s to say it’s ‘wrong’? In the US, most restaurants have PIN support disabled, knowingly taking on risk for any chip and PIN cards they get that are lost/stolen. It’s about appetite for risk…

(Shaun McDonald) #170

Oh, if the Apple Pay logo is displayed on the terminal, then they have to accept phone payments over £30. I’m sure The Range had the Apple logo but didn’t accepts the contactless above £30 when I was in there at the weekend, or I could be seeing things.

(Shaun McDonald) #171

Is there a wiki post for the opposite, those that don’t accept contactless over £30?


Contactless More Popular Than Chip & Pin


(Andre Borie) #174

Translation: their strategy to force people to use their own knockoff payment app didn’t work out and they’re abandoning the idea. Sounds very familiar to CurrentC.

(Sacha Zarb) #175

About time, Aldi has had no limit for a long time now

(Allie) #176

‘Unlike contactless payments’ is just wrong:

  1. Apple Pay and Google Pay are contactless payments’.
  2. You can’t even say unlike contactless cards. The £30 limit is for not completing cardholder verification, not for contactless. You can use a card for over £30 if a CVM can be agreed.


Indeed, my kerv ring (which has to be contactless) has a PIN for just such occasions.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #178

That’s interesting. I’ve never encountered contactless and PIN in the UK even though I know it’s possible.


Nor me, but I have abroad

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #180

About time, I tried the other day and didn’t work. so annoying


About time, I really thought Tesco would keep being stubborn about this in order to push their ridiculous Pay+ payment method.

(Allie) #182

Most cards now including Monzo support online PIN. British merchant support is still mixed.

(Rika Raybould) #183

This is a requirement from the payment networks for terminals and merchants offering contactless to support CDCVM (high value contactless or Apple/Google/etc Pay over £30) from January 1st. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is there a public document with those news rules anywhere? Just curious as to the actual wording…

Shame it doesn’t make them accept contactless if they accept cards :frowning: