Did Monzo raise the contactless payments according to goverments' advice?

I have read it somewhere on the news, that banks should be raising the limit for contactless payments, because of the virus. I think the idea was to raise it to 40-45 GBP/payment.
Has Monzo raised it? If not do they consider to raise to do that? (that would be great, I think)

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It’s not up to monzo, but up to the retailers/payment processors.

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It comes into force tomorrow, and I do believe Monzo will be supporting it :slight_smile:

I am kind of indifferent about it. Surely you could now run into being forced to use the keypad every 3rd transaction with the limit being set at £100? This is why paying with your phone or watch is better of course.

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Yea, probably. I think the key here is that the contactless limit is going up… so I can use my phone to pay for more transactions at Tesco who don’t support Pay :stuck_out_tongue:

Well yeah if you average over £33.33’ each then you could trigger on the third, whilst previously only possible on the fourth averaging £25 or more for each tap.

Surely you’d still be touching the keypad slightly less frequently overall though, as those payment between 30-45 are now tappable where you would have normally needed pin.

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I read somewhere today (must have been the BBC or the Guardian website) that they were changing the frequency with which you’d be asked to input a PIN too in line with this. The article din’t say what the limit would change to (I think it’s set by the bank rather than a hard limit in the guidelines).

Tesco have said they won’t be changing their terminals anytime soon, surprise surprise. And despite the fact that the pandemic caused this change to happen, many stores may not have it implemented tomorrow as it requires the terminals themselves to be updated, and everyone is quite busy at the moment.

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in the supermarkets your still touching the basket or trolley,the items(which have been potentially touched at factory, by shelf stackers, by customers, by the till operator)

so wether or not you touch the keypad, you really ought to be not touching your face until you can wash with soap and water


Yes. We will be supporting it this week :+1:


No limit with Apple Pay.

Depending on merchant, some it not all Tesco’s apparently still limit it to £30 and I know my Asda also does on Apple Pay

Does Asda support CDCVM

Some do, I know my local one does. :slight_smile:

It’s nothing to do with government or their advice as far as I know.

We deployed support for this change on our end on Monday - Monzo will now approve all contactless transactions up to £45.

To avoid any confusion, I want to make sure to clarify that there are two sources of limits here, and only one of them is changing

Legally Defined Limits

There are two monetary amount limits defined in law (in the Payment Services Directive 2 Regulatory Technical Specification) for contactless payments:

  • A €50 single transaction limit
  • A €150 cumulative limit

The current GBP equivalents used by UK banks are £45 and £135 for these (They may change periodically depending upon the GBP/EUR exchange rate, and, upon the UK exiting the current Brexit transition period, a new GBP amount will be fixed in law)

When using your Monzo card, the latter is split between a £100 limit for online payments (those where the retailer contacts us for authorization) and £30 for offline (when the terminal doesn’t have a connection to the Mastercard network - this is common on transit, particularly where the terminal is classed as manned and not exempt from cumulative limits)

These limits are specified by the EBA and they have indicated that they have no intention to make any changes to these. For the time being at least, our cumulative limit will stay as is (as is required by law). Should the situation change, we’ll obviously reconsider our position.

As mentioned, Apple/Google Pay are exempt from these limits (except that Google Pay observes a similar but independent limit for payments conducted while the phone is locked)

Payment Networks

The payment networks define a “liability shift” point for unauthenticated contactless transactions. That is changing from £30 to £45. What this means is

  • When someone uses a stolen card to pay for something via contactless, as long as the transaction amount is under £45 liability falls on the issuing bank (previously, this cutoff was £30)
  • If the merchant allows them to spend more than £45 (without PIN or fingerprint/similar for device payments), then the merchant takes fraud liability (as before)

Merchants should update their terminals to take into account the new limits over the coming months, but how long this take is obviously merchant dependent.


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