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In U.K. There is a £30 limit for contactless , but here in Skiathos, Greece, I have been paying contactless for larger amounts. Is the £30 limit just set by the individual retailers?

Different countries have national limits, e.g. Estonia is currently €10!

However, merchants can deviate from any national limit either for all contactless or just for AndroidPay/ApplePay/SamsungPay.

Their decision making process behind that I don’t know but some large retailers have insurance cover in place and need to amend terms to deviate from national limits, in other cases it may just be a matter of a retailer being aware of this possibility and deciding to take it.

In some countries you can use contactless for purchases at varying levels, and the lower sums will be contactless without pin and higher sums contactless with pin. The level at which the pin kicks in again varies, and there may or may not be a limit set for these contactless with pin payments. There is no consistency across the continent but there tends to be across a region.

Greek banks like Piraeus Bank and Alpha Bank currently say “For payments up to 25 Euros, transactions are completed within seconds, without entering your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Payments above 25 Euros can also be conducted with the use of contactless technology, by entering your PIN each time it is requested and always without the need to sign the purchase receipt.” (24/06/2017). The way it is implemented in Greece means this benefit is applied to all contactless payments be they by card, phone or wearable.

Elsewhere in the forum there has been discussion recently where Monzo card users have found they have been able to exceed the UK’s £30 limit at some Marks and Spencer.


A similar question was answered very extensively by monzo recently.


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