Coin Jar 2.0 - Round down incoming payments

Hi Monzo,

Myself and many friends have got some form of OCD or a phobia you can call it about a balance not being rounded!

I suggest an idea to be able to round down incoming payments into the same coin jar also so that your balance will always be rounded and you can save even more!

This would certainly help make mine and my friends money go further😀

Thanks guys



An interesting idea! Why not? It sounds good.


Yer I think this is a great idea. There could be a toggle button for it within the pot setting’s.


+1 with the toggle. Each customer can then customise it to how they wish to use their account features.


I’m onboard with that. It allows for more customisation/preference as to how each individual want there pots to function and appear.

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Yeah I just end up manually transferring the remaining amount anyway. Would be nice to clear up that interface.

This still leaves a budget issue though.

If you buy an app for £4.50, round it up to £5, but then get a refund for £4.50 which gets rounded down to £4.

You’re then missing £1 in your budget.

What would be cool, is if incoming transactions had a radio selection for ‘round down to coin jar’, ‘round up from coin jar’ or ‘leave as is’.

I think it might get more confusing with incoming transactions because in some cases I’m not expecting them as therefore I wouldn’t actually know the amount I’ve received with going into the detail of the transaction to figure out how much its been rounded down. This is currently how the round ups work at the moment but that’s not such a problem because most of the time I know how much I’ve spent anyway regardless of the round up.

Also re:radio button toggle, if you have to start editing individual transactions to enable round down then it seems to me that you might as well just move the money back from the pot manually because either way its a manual process

I see your point but you could set a default action and having the setting would be easier then finding your pot, entering the amount and playing it. This way you just open the transaction you’re already on and press a button.

I’d like to see something similar. Maybe the options to round to the nearest 50p or 10p rather than the pound. To me, that’s small change. Not potentially 95p

Would this not work?

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Here’s the 10p


Ah! I had no idea iffft had monzo applets.


Still believe there is a long way to go re the ideal customisations/functions for rounding payments.

Like I said in the initial post - many of us would like to constantly have a rounded balance. One of my friends for example would actually overpay any payments to others in order to keep a rounded balance which is ludicrous!

A user should have the ability to dictate how incoming and outgoing debits/credits are rounded completely!

This would make mines and my friends life’s a lot easier! I guess it’s just another example of a feature that other banks don’t provide and a bonus point in terms of NPS!