Deleting Coin Jar

Coin jar is a great idea, but it needs some love.

At the moment, it’s ruining my feed, and worse, my statements. Printing off a PDF of transactions for the last month has now doubled in size because of transactions to coin jar.

The last straw, was whilst away in Croatia, I would make a payment. The conversion would be estimated for the time. The round up for coin jar would be then set from this. Then later the conversion is finalised, with pennies out.

400kn spent (£47.61)
39p saved - nice round total amount
£47.54 finalised
Total balance now not round by 7p

It’s not much, but for me it negates the need for Coin Jar.

I’d like Coin jar to work across the board, with no exceptions, then I don’t want to see the ‘pence’ at all in my feed. If I spend 20p, show it as £1. If my total balance is £1000.00 just show £1000.

No separate transaction’s on statements, instead just show actual figures.


I 100% agree that the feed and export statements are hideous to look at at the moment and need fixed ASAP. Its a rule pain point for me also

Think your round up point is a bit extreme though, for this to be fixed you’d need monzo to predict the future exchange rate! If they knew how to do this im sure theyd rather apply it to fx trading than a rule in a banking app lol.

In saying that Im sure they could look into a rule that automatically sweeps the spare pence into your pots in the future perhaps so your balance is never left off the full pound mark.

Not necessarily. They could apply it to settled transactions only for FX transactions. It still wouldn’t help the OP, though, as there would be pennies on his balance for most of the trip.


I’ve been thinking of deleting it for a while. I never earn that much as I tend to remove it often to round up my balance.

I would probably be more interested if I could transfer it externally so that I don’t use it.

I would delete it but I am too lazy but yeah it’s annoying as hell seeing a feed full of coin jar.

We have been speaking about this since day one and still no fix in place!

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Didn’t they say they’re working on a fix? But they need to make some major changes to the way the feed works so it’s not a simple fix.

Might have been in the Dev Slack.

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I dunno I didn’t see this as I am still banned from slack for questioning a meme :upside_down_face:

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This is one explanation

Yeah, I abandoned Coin Jar after using it for a few weeks expecting the fixes to come into place last month. When it was announced that it’s not getting fixed for a while, I turned it off.

I scrolled through my feed last night while looking for any merchants without icons I could send submissions for, and I got to the coin jar section and it made it horrible to look at lol

I abandoned mine as well, just couldn’t deal with so much clutter on the main feed. Will consider using it again when that is fixed.

Also would like an accelerator / multiplier on the round ups (like Revolut). I tried hacking this by setting up two Coin Jar pots - FYI doesn’t work!

I use Coin Jar, and whilst I agree the feed looks messy with ‘Coin Jar’ appearing after most transactions making it a lengthy process even if you just do a quick drag down through your transaction history, I’ll still keep it active. It makes saving easy, and I am terrible at saving money. Fingers crossed it’ll get some TLC at some point this year. :ok_hand:t3:

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Well they could just have the round up for coin jar ‘pending’ too.

So 400kn = £47.61 + 39p Coin Jar
Then later - £47.82 + 18p Coin Jar

Actually doing this would, for the most part, help maintain a better grasp on how much you’ve got left. Most of your foreign exchange transactions would only change very slightly, but within the margin or error that the ‘coin jar’ allows.

So 400kn = £48

The only difference later, is exactly how much was pushed to the coin jar. I get of course very occasionally, the exchange could push it from say £47.98 to £48.03, meaning your balance suddenly drops by £1. But like I said, for the most part, this would actually help the feed look great!

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Sounds like Revolut do something similar to MoneyBox then. They allow you to roundup even when it’s a whole number e.g. £2 puts £1 in your pot.

This is Revolut’s way…


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