Closed my Monzo account because someone knew my details now Monzo won’t let me re open?

Closed my account because someone knew my details.

Tried to re open apparently I can’t… got a message saying Monzo checks credit before allowing anyone an Monzo account but my credit score is average/good nearly 999 on Experian…

Tried phoning is there any way of getting round this ?

Thank you

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Apologies but I am a bit confused – what details did people know that made you close the account? Bank details aren’t the end of the world as they can’t directly take money out of your account and you get an advance notice if they set up a malicious Direct Debit so you can cancel it in time.

When you close a Monzo account, you need to wait some time before you can open another one (at least a month, I believe).

Your credit score shouldn’t be an issue as Monzo don’t really consider that for account applications. There might be other issues in the background. If someone knows your personal details and address history, make sure they didn’t fraudulently open other accounts in your name, etc

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Why would you close your account if someone knew your details? The process it to freeze your card, contact Monzo and they will advise on the next steps - usually by ordering a replacement card. You don’t need to close your account.

As for reopening, you can’t for 30 days. Try again after that but you can’t do this yourself in app, you will need to contact Monzo to reopen your account :slight_smile:

No they knew every detail long story… there was no fraud etc tbh I should have just froze it… it’s been over a month… but monzo just keeps saying they can’t offer me an account right now and the last time i’ve tried is that they said they use credit references and companies like cifas i’ve got nothing on my name.

yeah should have done that and it’s been over a month

Is this when trying to reopen your account in app?

If so you need to contact them via phone or email as only they can reopen accounts. You can’t do this yourself.


Hm, it’s difficult to say. It sounds like you were able to reapply and Monzo aren’t able to offer you an account again. This could be for a variety of reasons – it’s difficult to say why it might be.

As you have a right to decide who you want to bank with, banks can also decide who they want to onboard as a client. There is nothing customers can do and having had an account with them doesn’t guarantee you another one at a later date.

Please don’t take this the wrong way but you say they knew all details – did you accidentally (or knowingly if you were misled or incentivised) give someone access to your account? In that case they could’ve committed fraud on your account and you could’ve ended up with a CIFAS marker.

Submit a Subject Access Request to CIFAS to see if that is the case. Do you have other bank accounts open?

Am I right in saying if you reopen an account you get given the same account number as before?

Would that be an issue for you @elsaundersx

When you say “knew every detail” did they use your account?

Did they put money in/take money out/transfer it?

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Unfortunately Monzo do not have to offer you an account and they don’t legally have to give you a reason for the rejection.

You need to email and see if they will open it that way. If you have and they have already rejected you unfortunately that is it. If you tried to open a second account (different number/email) Monzo might have detected it based on your personal details have been previously registered.

In the end, emailing is the only thing you can do and accept any decision this brings. Sorry I cannot be of more help.

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Hey Elmena :wave:

We can always try and point customers in the right direction through the Community but as this sounds more dependant on the closed account information. I’d recommend emailing our team at to explain the situation further. :pray:



I’ve tried phoning but they just say unavailable

not that i know of but I hardly used it they could see everything as they had my account on the app on their phone

don’t think …

that’s true I agree , no i gave them willingly form what I can see they didn’t use my account at all and i hardly used … but there’s nothing on my name and my credit score on experian is near perfect

I have other bank accounts


thank x

You need to check here