Rejoining monzo

Hi all! I originally joined monzo back in 2018, but sadly closed my account down in 2020 as I was having a clear out of banks. Fast forward to ‘21, I miss the simplicity and feature richness of monzo. I reapplied to monzo with the same email but albeit a new phone number, but it will just throw up with an auto decline after confirming my email with “we can not offer you a monzo account”

Could myself or my email be on the “block list” due to leaving them?

You can’t re-open accounts yourself, you need to contact Monzo.

Getting in touch with them via phone or email and I’m sure they will help you with this.

If an account is closed, it’s very tough to get back.

@coffeemadman tried and after a long battle, multiple staff trying to help and going around in circles, gave up.

I wouldn’t hold out much hope.


I did this back in July, having closed my original Monzo account at the end of 2019. After I got the error message when providing the same phone number, I emailed Monzo and very quickly received a reply saying that I couldn’t re-open a closed account but that she had reset my phone number on the system so that I could apply for a new one.

Had no problems after that.

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It’s possible as others have done it but it can be a bit of a luck of the draw from what I’ve seen.

Just pop them an email and try. The frustrating part really is that because they don’t tell you why you can’t have an account you can never be sure if it’s something they have done or something you have done.

I’ve been racking my brains to this day as to why Monzo wouldn’t give me an account, to the point I was slightly scared Chase wouldn’t, and I had some awful credit file I had missed.

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Hmm, I see. I’ve dropped help an email to ask about getting my email and number cleared to see if that helps. I left my account in good standing when I left my premium plan, so I’m hoping there’s nothing that could be actually affecting it.

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I had to email review@monzo to get my account opened again but that was after closing it 2 times before