Closed account and now can't re-open!

I was a recent monzo customer until a month ago. I had to use a bank switch offer with HSBC to take advantage of an offer as I required a credit card which closed my Monzo. I initially contacted Monzo support and they said it would be easy enough to re-open and I could even use the same debit card after a 30 day stand down period.

Today I tried to re-open my account and customer support just said delete the app and reinstall and re-apply. I did that and now my application has been rejected on a credit score basis. I’m not sure why as I have a ‘good’ credit score under Experian and Transunion and I have never missed a payment on anything. My address has been the same for the last 9 months and prior to that another address in London for a year (I moved here November 2019).

The only things that have changed:

  • I said I wasn’t going to have my salary deposited into this account
  • I used my new UK drivers licence instead of my passport / BRP as verification
  • I put in that I had a temporary visa that expires 1 October 2021. This is currently true but my sponsorship will be in progress from next month which will allow me to stay for another 3-5 years.

Anyone else had any issues opening an account and then successfully appealing? As far as I can see once rejected that’s that.


There was someone who had this recently too. Did the CASS and then couldn’t get back.

I’m sure a former staff member who I can’t remember her name said that there’s a back end issue that if it isn’t cleared, will deny you when you retry.

Let me see if I can find the thread. BRB…



First of all your credit score is just a number that is generated by the Credit Reference Agencies, what Monzo is looking at is your credit file.

No one will tell you why you have been declined an account, their is not really a way of appealing as a company can choose who they do business with im afraid.

Best thing to do is look at Starling or the like.

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I believe if you CASS out you can’t have an account for 12 months afterwards, least this is the way with Starling. I can’t have another account until November 2021 as I CASS’ed to Natwest to take advantage of the £125 offer

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No. It’s 30 days with Monzo


Oh, I thought 12 months was industry standard if you CASS

It was me and I’ve been back to the team and they just repeated the same again, clearing me up to try to reapply. Tbh I was passed around a fair amount. I don’t think the customer service folk understood what I was meaning (about something back end being an issue) and just kept telling me I had to wait 30 days - despite it being over 8 weeks later by this point.

I haven’t tried to re-open again though. I’m not 100% sure why I was declined but it is what it is!


There’s no such standard. Some banks will have you back immediately.


And others will take you back never!


When you CASS an account, the underlying account with any bank stays open in a special state for at least 3 years - possibly longer - and automatically redirects any incoming payments to your new account number. So that’s why it can’t be re-opened, it would break that.

No reason you can’t open a brand new account with new account number etc though.


Thanks all!

I was talking to a customer representative and after providing them with proof of identity, I deleted the app and re-applied. So I assume the manual intervention was done on their side.

Strange that I was told before the SASS that I would simply be able to re-open and use my existing debit card.

The only other thing I can think of is I used my new UK drivers licence as identification instead of my overseas passport which I have used for almost everything else.

You can do that if you haven’t switched the account. If you simply closed it and didn’t use CASS you would’ve been able to reopen.

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Update - I was verifying my identity with customer support and while waiting I decided to reinstall the app. My account has since been activated so not sure what happened there.